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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Big Shots (public group)
The new studs of t.v
Join 1 11/25/2007
Tell me you love me. (public group)
Anybody hooked on the new HBO series? This is a place to comment about the show that has psychiatrists talking.. LOL

[1 subject]
Join 5 10/1/2007
Californication (public group)
...The Show... on Showtime... The writing rocks.

[7 subjects]
Join 105 9/25/2007
Non-Geeky Star Trek Fans (public group)
A place where closeted and non-closeted fans of the greatest sci-fi franchise in history can discuss the original series, spin-offs, and the upcoming movie starring Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto.

[8 subjects]
Join 27 9/24/2007
Casting Couch (public group)
For all you Producers, Actors, Directors, Etc. Everyone talks about the casting couch. Why not make it real for people without hangups. Let's empower each other while having fun doing what we love!

[1 subject]
Join 29 9/18/2007
HOT MOVIE RENTALS (public group)
For those of us who enjoy movies, but don't get to the theaters often, or would rather wait to rent, or buy!

[37 subjects]
Join 43 9/3/2007
HENTAI LOVERS (public group)
A forum for those that love hentai (Japanese-animated porn). Discuss your favorite/least favorite titles, ones that made you blush, and ones that had you reaching for the lotion and tissues.

[5 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 16 8/17/2007
Scrubs Fans (public group)
We Love Scrubs!

[3 subjects]
Join 14 8/10/2007
Flight of the Conchords (public group)
Show your love for Bret and Jemaine

[17 subjects]
Join 25 7/9/2007
Horror Movie Fanatics (public group)
A discourse on a cinema staple - the horror movie. Your favorites, your recommendations and what draws us to them.

[27 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 41 7/5/2007
Canadian Idol Junkies (public group)
American Idol has been crowned; now who will be the next Canadian Idol?

[1 subject]
Join 0 6/24/2007
John from Cincinnati (public group)
Just north of the border, in a tired coastal town, live three generations of the Yosts, surfing royalty turned society misfits... and then a stranger arrives.

[4 subjects]
Join 9 6/15/2007
Big Love (public group)
~ Big Love on HBO ~

[21 subjects]
Join 39 6/11/2007
Heroes (public group)
Well, its back, here is the place for theories and other topics. Lets stay away from the hot cheerleader topics though, she is only 17.

[7 subjects]
Join 13 4/22/2007
Red Dwarf (public group)
"All you need to know about Yvonne MacGruder is I GAVE HER ONE!" Dwarf fans of the world unite!

[9 subjects]
Join 8 4/12/2007
Free Speech TV (public group)
For those of us who like our information unfiltered and without corporate spin!
Join 1 4/7/2007
The Tudors (public group)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers... need I say more? Brilliant casting - and who can beat unbridled passionate sex within the first 5 min? I'm hooked.

[6 subjects]
Join 6 4/1/2007
The Office (public group)
For people who can't get enough of Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Jim, Pam, Angela and the rest of the gang at Dunder Mifflin.

[17 subjects]
Join 52 3/19/2007
America's Next Top Model (public group)
I know this will be conflicting with American Idol but for those who Tivo, or enjoy watching come and join the America's Next Top Model show starting 2.28.07

[3 subjects]
Join 1 2/28/2007
Borat - Let's Make Sexy Time (public group)
For all those who love the movie Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

[4 subjects]
Join 18 2/25/2007
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