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Group Name Join Members Date Created
XBOX 360 (public group)
XBOX 360 usuers looking for lifestylers to meet on XBox live. In person meetings for sex are ok also.

[2 subjects]
Join 17 6/29/2006
XBOX 360 X-TACY (public group)
Can't get enough of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2?Is Call of Duty keeping you up at night?Waiting for new releases every time?If you love playing the 360, & love blowing shit up,then this gamers group is for you.Share Gamertags, challenge each other to matches, go on Terrorist Hunts together..Just be the TRUE GAMER you really are! This is your calling.Join us as we help rid the world of terrorists,sharpen your shooting skills,battle your way to victory,and have fun flirting while you're killing!

[87 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 78 8/8/2008
Xbox Kinect - The Naughty Side (public group)
The Kinect for the Xbox 360 is an innovative camera that tracks you as the controller. There are many fun games to play and is a hit in party settings, although we're more intrested in exploring the high quality Video Kinect chat with voice with some long distance couples...wink wink! Feel free to Join!

[1 subject]
Join 19 2/9/2011
XXX Truth or Dare (public group)
XXX Truth or Dare is not just a naughty boots and all Erotic Board Game, it is a way of life, a constant temptation. A Temptation that needs to be soothed, especially for ones in the Lifestyle. XXX Truth or Dare is your game, it is your way of life. Created by real swingers for swingers and singles. XXX Truth or Dare is a unique way of life and one that should be developed and enjoyed. We have been married for 17 years and carry a lot of experience, please feel free to ask us anything.

[29 subjects]  [7 photo albums]
Join 265 10/1/2012
YOLOFISH (public group)
You only live once so you have to try this Game!!

  [1 photo album]
Join 3 4/10/2016
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