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Group Name Join Members Date Created
DPs in the NW (public group)
For people that love to Double Penetrations and want to find friends with similar interests.

[20 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 360 11/6/2006
Dripping Wet (public group)
For those who can appreciate a Dripping wet pussy!

[10 subjects]  [8 photo albums]
Join 685 6/5/2008
DVP (double V penetration) (public group)
Yes this is all about two hard cocks thrusting deep inside a tight wet pussy. Share your experiences and lust for the next (two) to happen. Booty calls are welcome however please try to make it naughty or at least original. Requests for some hard action on your vacation seem so much less genuine when you copy/paste the same exact thread in ten different groups. Just like the two guys pulling off acrobatics to get their big cocks inside your tight little pussy, put a little effort into it!

[191 subjects]  [42 photo albums]
Join 3956 6/3/2006
DVP Club (public group)
A place for DVP lovers and anything related to DVP :-)

[14 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 606 2/17/2009
DVP, one of our favorites! (private group)
This group, is for those people who enjoy the sexual act of double vaginal pentetration, also known as DPP. Two hard cocks throbbing inside a wet, wanting pussy. We ask all members have some type of photos on their profile. Pictureless profiles will not be allowed.

[4 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 106 2/6/2011
Early Morning Sex (public group)
This group is for SELECT singles, couples, & hallpassers who can't stop thinking about EARLY morning sex and just have to have "it" before they can get on with their day. Put yourself out there for something HOT in the morning besides coffee. You might be surprised what comes bounding up to your door around sunrise to brighten your day!

[13 subjects]
Join 296 2/14/2008
East Bay F.U.N. Play (public group)
This group is open to all races and is established so that very local people can meet up in Fremont, Union City, or Newark, Ca.

[2 subjects]
Join 25 1/5/2011
East Coast CPLS - Asian Foxes & Caucasian Studs (private group)
We're starting an East Coast group, open worldwide to professional and health conscious couples with foxy Asian women and hot Caucasian men ONLY. This group is intended for lifestylers with the same preferences to link up at meet ups and parties on the East Coast. Some of us ladies just prefer white men, and some guys just have a bad case of yellow fever... and we think it'd be hot to get them all together!
Join 3 4/14/2015
Emotionally Straight, Sexually Bi (private group)
Some guys identify as straight, but enjoy sex (oral or otherwise) with other men. They don't desire a relationship with another man, but rather are sexually flexible and/or open, and enjoy pleasuring and being pleasured by both sexes. This is a purely sexual thing. This group is for the men who are emotionally straight, but sexually bi, and for the couples and singles who love them!

[28 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 158 11/4/2012
Equally Attractive (public group)
A group where the men are as fit and attractive as the women. 100% certification AND photos of both individuals required. Sorry, no SM's.

[6 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 167 9/27/2007
Equestrian Lifestylers (private group)
For people in the Lifestyle who love to ride!

[2 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 47 10/25/2009
Erotic Art (public group)
A forum in which we can share our favorite home made Erotic Art and artist. If you have some why don't you share it ?

[2 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 24 9/11/2008
Erotic Confidential (private group)
The Joy of Erotic Photography. An anonymous circle of photographers, models and professional every day people whom enjoy posing, posting and veiwing erotic art discreetly.

[14 subjects]  [7 photo albums]
Join 27 6/16/2007
Erotic France - Paris and The French Riviera (public group)
Tips to make your trip to Paris and the French Riviera hot hot hot when you visit

[62 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 450 8/8/2006
Erotic Massage (private group)
Who's looking for that extremely erotic massage? Who are the expert masseurs? Share where you can receive one and stories about your own erotic massages. We want to hear the details.

[11 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 124 6/6/2006
Erotic profile photos (public group)
This group is for lifestyle couples and singles and the photographers that cater to them. We found in our personal lifestyle journey that we made many more connections when we posted professional photos on our profile page. The idea here is to provide a forum in which swingers and photographers can talk about and share sexy images that are used in profiles to project the classy, sexy, erotic, and/or fetish side of a couple or single to the rest of the lifestyle community. We hope you join us.

[4 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 53 12/1/2013
Escort Fantasies (public group)
For women or couples that fantasize about the woman being paid for sexual favors. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO SOLICIT PROSTITUTION USING THIS GROUP. Rather, feel free to share your fantasies, apprehensions, experiences and, of course, photos!

[2 subjects]
Join 89 2/5/2014
Español (public group)
Un lugar para aquellos swingers que hablan o estan aprendiendo Español.

[14 subjects]
Join 105 7/25/2006
Exotic Women (public group)
This group is for beautiful, exotic women of all different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.....and for everyone else who just can't get enough of them!

[16 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 366 7/20/2007
Extended Massive Orgasm (public group)
This group is for those interested in researching the Extended Massive Orgasm as pioneered by Vic Baranco and documented by Steve and Vera Bodansky in their book, "Extended Massive Orgasm."

[7 subjects]
Join 92 5/31/2008
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