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Group Name Join Members Date Created
FINKS (public group)
This LL Group is for those who are FREE, and INDEPENDENT, with NO KIDS to keep them from fucking at the drop of a hat. The motto for this group of lucky lovers is: "Every day is Friday, and every night is Saturday night."
Join 13 2/18/2014
Fliers (private group)
For private pilots, general aviation lovers, and owners of airplanes. To plan fly-ins and get togethers.

[3 subjects]
Join 34 2/14/2011
Flight attendents/Pilots who play while away.... (private group)
Our name says it all.

[93 subjects]
Join 694 6/24/2008
Flower & Petal (public group)
For those who love the flower & Petal shots of unique vaginas close up and personal! Designed like a beautiful flower, the woman's vagina is as beautiful as any rose!

[3 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 91 10/24/2006
FMF - The Elusive Single Female - We Exist (public group)
Saw this post in the Forums and decided to start the group.We are called the Unicorn or Elusive Single Female and yes, we play with couples. You just need to get to know us. Everyone is welcome here.

[481 subjects]  [11 photo albums]
Join 6578 6/19/2006
For those who love to play with their food. Some call it Sploshing, others Wamming...we just call it a bloody good laugh..!
Join 4 9/26/2009
Foot Fetish (public group)
A place for women who understand & appreciate the sensual power that well-formed, pretty female feet can wield over many men...and for the men they enjoy teasing and pleasing with them.

[33 subjects]  [33 photo albums]
Join 478 6/2/2006
For the love of Asian men (public group)
In celebration of the sexy Asian male--you know, the quiet guy in the corner banging your wife!

[4 subjects]
Join 30 9/7/2007
For The Love Of Balls (public group)
This group is for women who love balls and the guys who love women who do.

[22 subjects]  [32 photo albums]
Join 1093 6/28/2006
Forbidden Fantasy (public group)
What is your deepest, darkest, sweetest, most stunningly wicked fantasy? stories featuring the sort of sexual scenarios that most people are often too afraid to explore. Share your story with others so they can inspire, encourage, and motivate swingers across the globe.

[24 subjects]
Join 613 12/2/2009
Foreplay First (public group)
This group is for those who appreciate the slow, seductive, teasing, and pleasure building art of foreplay. While a great fuck is nice, the foreplay is often times the best part. This group is for those who love the foreplay. Here meet with other like minded LLer’s who enjoy this lifestyle on a much slower and more passionate level than just fucking

[3 subjects]
Join 74 11/19/2010
Fornication in Florida (public group)
Live in Florida? Visiting Florida? A place where Floridans and Florida's visitors can congregate.

[12 subjects]
Join 117 9/27/2007
freaky fuckers!!!! (public group)
a group for people who like to get freaky as fuck and not scared too cuz we dont bite unless?????

[7 subjects]
Join 129 6/22/2006
Friends4Fantacy (public group)
Friends4Fantacy is a "friends first" group that is focused on bringing people together with the goal of "getting to know" you better before play idology.

[1 subject]
Join 14 11/6/2009
Fuck In Heels (public group)
For those who find high heels the best accessory for the ultimate sexual experience!!

[72 subjects]  [156 photo albums]
Join 4199 10/3/2006
Fuck in the Ass (public group)
For Couples, Women and Single Male that like to fuck in the ass. Complimentary members are not allowed.

[18 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 348 10/29/2008
Fuck My Husband, PLEASE!!! (public group)
Are you a Wife that wants to get her Husband FUCKED? Women who want to borrow a Hot Husband for the night? Couples needing a XXXtra Cock for that DP! This is the Place!!! BOOTY CALLS WELCOMED!!

[289 subjects]  [27 photo albums]
Join 2801 8/8/2006
FUCK MY WIFE (private group)
In this group men sharing their horny wives with other willing wife fuckers. You can find everything from a horny aggressive hotwife who just wants some fun, to couples where the guy wants to sit back and watch you fuck the shit out of his wife while he watches and films it. Our Wives don't hide the fact that they're looking for a fuck. Wake up and smell the slutty pussy! No strings, no clingy needy shit, just spread it, fuck it, and get the fuck outta there. Gotta fuckin love it.

[12 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 90 6/13/2006
Fuck Yeah They're Real! (public group)
If you are among the very very small percentage of women on LL with REAL boobs - then this group is for you! If you are a man who prefers no implants - this group is for you too!! If you are a woman with or without implants who loves real boobs - well, then this group is for you too!! What the hell... anyone can join!

[8 subjects]  [11 photo albums]
Join 241 4/8/2011
Fucking Canadians (private group)
For Canadians who love to fuck, and for those who love to fuck Canadians.

[6 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 70 10/19/2007
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