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LADIES: Our parties provide a safe and clean hotel environment where women can live out their desires to be the main focus of several male partners in a controlled and supervised setting. All ladies in attendance are expected to participate. GENTLEMEN: To be considered as a Cocksman, you must be HWP, with a working penis and be able to follow house rules. COUPLES: If you're just curious, our parties may not be for you. This is an "Action Group".

[66 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 798 9/29/2009
Gangbang Parties (public group)
We host regular gangbang parties. Join our group to get private info to upcoming parties. Be part of the events. Satisfy your fantasy

[4 subjects]
Join 157 4/3/2012
Gangbang with Mrs. Rhea (private group)

[5 subjects]
Join 20 2/23/2009
Gay Midget Porn Lovers (public group)
Okay this group is for my peeps who love watching movies with gay midgets and all those sick and wild fantacies we love lol. P

[1 subject]
Join 3 6/17/2006
GB 4 Couples & Select Singles (private group)
Each time members meet, one or two ladies get to be the guest of honor. Experince a gang bang in a comfortable and secure environment. Single males, please have pics open when applying.

[152 subjects]  [18 photo albums]
Join 1035 6/30/2006
GBs in Colorado area (private group)
A place to meet good looking single men and couples into GBs in Colorado. Mostly boytoys for Ms GYN with parties and gatherings. If you are not from the area we could travel if a GB is organized.

[24 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 73 9/25/2007
GBs in the NW (public group)
A place to meet good looking single men and couples into GBs in Oregon and Washington. Feel free to post discussions and upload pics. Contact us if you would like help in setting up a GB in the area. We would be glad to help!

[70 subjects]  [7 photo albums]
Join 659 7/11/2006
Getting Wet For Jesus (public group)
Our name says it all!

[17 subjects]  [34 photo albums]
Join 1096 7/15/2007
getWeird at Night (public group)
Let's explore the darker side of your weird.. I'd like to implement this group into your common knowledge.. I'd like for you to meet people that like fine things like ink, and metal.. break your mold.. somewhere inside we are aware that we will enjoy all that we have to offer when we pierce through the veil of your darkest desires.. we can smile a fierce smile and not be subdued by the distraction of color. Get in black.. and get weird.. we'll all meet you there. xoN8

[1 subject]
Join 6 1/23/2010
GILFS - Grandmas I'd Like to Fuck (public group)
You have all seen them - some of us have been fortunate enough to be with them - Oh, the joys of post-menopausal women!

[11 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 260 12/25/2007
Ginger Lovers (public group)
For those of us who love redheads (and who doesn't)?!?!?!

[3 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 168 6/20/2011
Girl - Girl in So Cal (Bi Fem) (public group)
A group for Bi Women in Southern California! I'm surprised it didn't already exist! Lets get together without our men, if we want to then they can join in later...

[11 subjects]
Join 119 1/4/2009
Girl on Girl (private group)
Yes we love men but every once in a while we crave some girl on girl action as well... (Booty Calls Encouraged: We're all here to feed our wild side so let's have some fun!

[1 subject]
Join 88 12/19/2013
Girl Time !!!! San Francisco Bay Area (public group)
Sometimes the girls just need to get away for Cocktails, Shopping, Wine Tasting, Girls Nights or Days Out, and Getting Naughty if we wanna!!!! Hot, fun, and SEXY women of the SF Bay Area getting together for girls ONLY fun in the City, the East and South Bays. Local hotties and those traveling to the Bay Area welcome!!

[5 subjects]
Join 76 12/28/2009
Girl/Girl (public group)
For those couple who really enjoy the girl/girl play. Some may consider it foreplay, but you consider it more! This page is for the ladies who LOVE being with ladies and the partners who LOVE it too

[7 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 269 5/29/2006
GIRL/GIRL Softies (public group)

[40 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 844 7/14/2006
Girl-on-Girl Appetizers (private group)
Dedicated to Couples who enjoy letting the Girls get things started with some hot & tasty "appetizer" action...prior to the Guys joining in for the "main course"!

[35 subjects]  [12 photo albums]
Join 1266 1/29/2007
Girls that swallow (public group)
Personal ads, will be locked! Gurlz who love the taste and feel of cum, and the guys and gurlz who love them.

[30 subjects]  [24 photo albums]
Join 2512 8/12/2006
Girls who like giving Trombones (public group)
For those girls who enjoy eating a guy's ass and giving a reach around at the same time.

[1 subject]
Join 59 12/31/2006
Glamis Swingers (public group)
A group for Glamis Sand Dune Lovers!

[93 subjects]  [9 photo albums]
Join 291 11/8/2006
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