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Group Name Join Members Date Created
ARIZONA ORGIES (private group)
YOUNGER Couples that love to get the BEST / MOST out of the Lifestyle. So if you love to have (safe) SEX as often as possible this group is for you. MUST be a COUPLE RESIDING in AZ & AVG AGE under 40

[7 subjects]
Join 8 6/14/2006
Arizona People of Color (public group)
Group for people of color and the people who love them. Lets face it... its hard enough to find people in the lifestyle let alone, finding people of color who are in the lifestyle. This is to help bridge that gap.

[5 subjects]
Join 38 1/25/2011
Arizona Squirters Association (public group)
Do you know how to squirt? Wanna learn? This group is looking for squirters that are willing to...share.

[14 subjects]
Join 142 1/24/2010
Arizona's WORLDWIDE Couples UNITE (public group)
A group for those searching some of the worlds flavor and culture in Arizona... The Middle East, The Orient, Latin America, Cubans, Boriquas, Desis, Pinoys, Israelis, Russians, Ukrainians,Sicillian, Spaniards, Lebanese, Austrailians, Morrocans. Lets fire up the melting pot, who else do we have living or visiting AZ. Who wants to meet, who's willing to host? (No Single Males)

[1 subject]
Join 45 12/26/2013
Asian Beauties (public group)
This group is for the love of beautiful and sexy Asian women! Whether you simply appreciate the beauty of Asian women, or prefer them out-right... Here we will discuss, share, and meet with other like-minded Asian lovers!

[115 subjects]  [18 photo albums]
Join 2373 5/31/2006
Asian Bi Girls (public group)
A place for Asian Bi Girls to exchange experiences and meet other Bi Girls

[5 subjects]
Join 101 4/18/2011
ASIAN LADIES & their WHITE MEN (public group)
For COUPLES that are described as ASIAN LADIES with WHITE MEN we welcome you to the group. Please have at least 1 photo of each of you in your profile available for other group members to view.

[47 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 494 4/4/2007
Asian Lovers Couples and Single Females Only! (public group)
Our name says it all!

[95 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 971 6/6/2006
Asian Women & Black Men (public group)
This group is for Asain Women who love Black Men and vice versa!

[31 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 338 8/4/2009
This group is for all Asian women that love Black men... and vice-verse. (This is an affiliate of The4WhoresMen of SoCal)

[17 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 290 7/17/2010
ATL Central - Atlanta Swingers (public group)
Not just for party announcements, but for all ATLers to check in, talk, network, and have a central point for anyone in the ATL area who is in the lifestyle. It's the ATL, baby!

[48 subjects]
Join 248 1/8/2008
Atlanta Foot Fetishists (private group)
A place for Atlanta-area women to meet local or traveling male & female foot-fetishists for foot/shoe worship, foot-jobs, trampling, foot domination & other foot fetish-related fun.

[1 subject]
Join -1 6/17/2006
Atlanta Gangbang Club (private group)
Cumming to Atlanta and interested in some group action but don't have the time and/or contact to set the scene up? Let us help! MFM, MFMMM, MFMFMMM!

[2 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 3 9/23/2006
Atlanta Interracial Interludes (private group)
Couples, and single women that enjoy partaking in the Interracial Lifestyle. This group facilitates such adventures between SEXY Couples and Well Endowed, Muscular Classy Gentlemen of Color.

[2 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 15 8/10/2006
ATM (private group)
For those who have an interest in learning about or talking about anal sex immediately followed by oral sex. Ass To Mouth also known as ATM or A2M. Real Seal Only

[25 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 78 2/22/2007
Az Male Dream Team (public group)
For the couples who play with more then one male

[3 subjects]
Join 55 3/13/2008
AZ Swinging Harley riders! (public group)
Arrange rides and get togethers throughout the year. Plan after parties at a house or hotel parties if travelling over night. All motorcycle types are welcome.

[3 subjects]
Join 24 9/19/2014
BAD BOYS ;-) (public group)
OK Bad Boys...we like you, no we LOVE you! This group is for the girls that want to get fucked senseless and maybe a little silly by them. The girls whose hearts race by the site, the touch of them. We want pictures of you in here so post them..and if you are not BB material..sorry you will be deleted. Cock pics are nice but we would rather see you in that white t-shirt and jeans. Oh and BB don't wear Ed Hardy shirts either. Please don't disappoint...we need some serious eye candy!!!

[7 subjects]  [9 photo albums]
Join 249 11/12/2009
Bald Men (public group)
For the men that are bald (or shave) and the women that desire them!

[25 subjects]  [12 photo albums]
Join 520 8/15/2006
Ball Busting (public group)
For those who love to punish testicles.

[3 subjects]
Join 5 3/26/2009
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