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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Amateur Porn Stars (public group)
Have you harbored the fantasy of appearing in a porn shoot? Does the presence of a camera, lights and/or photographers during sex only serve to heighten your sexual experiences? Do you fancy yourself model material, or would you like to fight the evil, monopolizing forces of corporate porn? If you answer yes to any of the above, then this group might provide a meaningful pathway to both fun and open sexual expression! Besides, why should those Kardashian and Hilton sluts have all the fun?

[26 subjects]  [8 photo albums]
Join 691 4/4/2011
Anal and swinging (public group)
A group for couples to meet other couples that also do NOT have the "only with my husband" rule when it comes to anal sex. Full swap - open to anal ***REAL SEAL REQUIRED***

[38 subjects]  [19 photo albums]
Join 889 2/19/2008
Anal booty calls (private group)
This group is for COUPLES AND SINGLE FEMALES ONLY, that occasionally want to have some anal fun with other like-minded couples. All on a booty call's notice. :-)
Join -1 6/20/2009
Anal Sex (public group)
A Group for Cpls, Female & Men that like Anal Sex!

[7 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 248 5/31/2009
Anal sexplorations (public group)
Discuss and explore anal sex! Relax and ask questions, share techniques, tell stories, etc. Anal sex is too much fun to keep it to yourself! Share away. Real Seal required for ALL members any members without a real seal will be removed.

[93 subjects]  [87 photo albums]
Join 2280 5/26/2006
Anklet & Hotwife (private group)
For women who wear anklets in gesture to let others know that she is a hotwife open to have sex with other men. COUPLES ONLY!

[10 subjects]  [7 photo albums]
Join 96 3/14/2013
Anonymous Sex (public group)
This group is for members who enjoy anonymous sex with stranger. Meet and have sex without ever speaking or perhaps even seeing each other, or simply arrange to meet at a hotel, house, or some public location for the purpose of having sex with a stranger. No need to know each other's names ;)

[8 subjects]
Join 277 2/5/2013
Anti-Clique /not so beautiful/loving life group (public group)
This group is for the people who do not get their emails returned from the number ones, but still embrace life.Homecoming queens need not apply unless humble and appreciative of their fortune.

[1 subject]
Join 5 1/10/2007
Anti-CockBombers (public group)
For all those who hate clicking on someone's webcam in Chat, only to find some dude jerkin it!

[2 subjects]
Join 14 10/14/2008
Aphrodites Dream (private group)
Aphrodite’s Dream subscribes to those same values Aphrodite and her son Eros blessed upon Earth’s mortals. Aphrodite’s dream is an adult social club providing the greater Twin Cities area with fun and sexy ( we do screen)adult events in a warm non pressure environment! We bring together a diverse group of people (all over age 21) all of whom share a desire to explore the intimate and sensual side of life in a safe, friendly environment with beautiful people! (And Yes nudity i

[1 subject]
Join 6 12/9/2009
ARIZONA BDSM (public group)
From beginners to pros, this group is for those from the state of Arizona (or visiting) that wish to share information or meet with members of like minds to see how creative we can get. Share...enjoy!

[7 subjects]
Join 111 5/31/2010
Arizona Erotic massage (public group)
For those who like to give and receive an erotic sensual massage. Lets share fantasies, experiences, and create new adventures in Arizona or elsewhere.

[36 subjects]
Join 221 7/16/2006
ARIZONA ORGIES (private group)
YOUNGER Couples that love to get the BEST / MOST out of the Lifestyle. So if you love to have (safe) SEX as often as possible this group is for you. MUST be a COUPLE RESIDING in AZ & AVG AGE under 40

[7 subjects]
Join 8 6/14/2006
Arizona People of Color (public group)
Group for people of color and the people who love them. Lets face it... its hard enough to find people in the lifestyle let alone, finding people of color who are in the lifestyle. This is to help bridge that gap.

[5 subjects]
Join 39 1/25/2011
Arizona Squirters Association (public group)
Do you know how to squirt? Wanna learn? This group is looking for squirters that are willing to...share.

[14 subjects]
Join 142 1/24/2010
Arizona's WORLDWIDE Couples UNITE (public group)
A group for those searching some of the worlds flavor and culture in Arizona... The Middle East, The Orient, Latin America, Cubans, Boriquas, Desis, Pinoys, Israelis, Russians, Ukrainians,Sicillian, Spaniards, Lebanese, Austrailians, Morrocans. Lets fire up the melting pot, who else do we have living or visiting AZ. Who wants to meet, who's willing to host? (No Single Males)

[1 subject]
Join 44 12/26/2013
Asian Beauties (public group)
This group is for the love of beautiful and sexy Asian women! Whether you simply appreciate the beauty of Asian women, or prefer them out-right... Here we will discuss, share, and meet with other like-minded Asian lovers!

[117 subjects]  [19 photo albums]
Join 2380 5/31/2006
Asian Bi Girls (public group)
A place for Asian Bi Girls to exchange experiences and meet other Bi Girls

[5 subjects]
Join 104 4/18/2011
ASIAN LADIES & their WHITE MEN (public group)
For COUPLES that are described as ASIAN LADIES with WHITE MEN we welcome you to the group. Please have at least 1 photo of each of you in your profile available for other group members to view.

[48 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 500 4/4/2007
Asian Lovers Couples and Single Females Only! (public group)
Our name says it all!

[95 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 974 6/6/2006
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