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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Oral Lovers - Twin Cities (public group)
A Group for oral sex lovers in the Twin Cities, MN area or close by. A place where "eat me" is music to our ears and "how many licks does it take?" has nothing to do with lollipops.

[17 subjects]  [9 photo albums]
Join 293 10/10/2007
Kink in the Twin Cities (public group)
Do you like to combine the best of swinging and bdsm play? Want to find others in the TC area that share your desires? Let's plan some parties and get some things going!

[31 subjects]
Join 327 10/7/2007
Aggressive Sex (public group)
Sometimes enjoy rough, aggressive sex? (hair pulling, intense fucking, spanking, face fucking, slapping, restraints, Objectification and degradation etc) Real Seal & no new Single Males (for now).

[70 subjects]  [37 photo albums]
Join 2388 10/6/2007
Gloryhole & Theater Sex (public group)
The group is for discussions, personal stories or pics of Gloryhole Sex, XXX Theater Sex.

[143 subjects]  [31 photo albums]
Join 1338 10/3/2007
GUSHERS R US (private group)
Gushing is beyond squirting you release a torrid of female ejaculate, "PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED" I will remove non participants. A gift each month for the Best story, pic. from our lingerie store

[10 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 39 9/28/2007
G-Spot Master (private group)
Are you a G-Spot Master, we will require that you participate by posting your best techniques and stories or pics here, the best will get a monthly lingerie gift. Open your privates to be invited..

[10 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 41 9/28/2007
Equally Attractive (public group)
A group where the men are as fit and attractive as the women. 100% certification AND photos of both individuals required. Sorry, no SM's.

[6 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 165 9/27/2007
Fornication in Florida (public group)
Live in Florida? Visiting Florida? A place where Floridans and Florida's visitors can congregate.

[12 subjects]
Join 115 9/27/2007
Iowa Swingers & Friends (public group)
Singles & couples looking to meet others for friendship & fun adult times!! This club is open to people from Iowa & surrounding states.

[65 subjects]  [9 photo albums]
Join 388 9/26/2007
GBs in Colorado area (private group)
A place to meet good looking single men and couples into GBs in Colorado. Mostly boytoys for Ms GYN with parties and gatherings. If you are not from the area we could travel if a GB is organized.

[24 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 73 9/25/2007
Turn Down the Damn Music!!! (public group)
This is a group for everyone who is tired of every club and house party playing the music so flippin loud that they can't carry on a conversation!!! Join up and plan music free house parties!

[1 subject]
Join 1 9/20/2007
They climax and make the walls tReMble (public group)
Wake up the neighbors ! They climax and they are loud. A group for expressive orgasmic women and people who LoVe them.
Join 31 9/15/2007
Peeing In The Outfield (private group)
If you adore pee play, then this group is meant for you and those interested in participating in or watching others pee. Golden Showers, Crystal Showers, Water Sports, Urolagnia, call it what you will, but this group is for members with this interest. Please post pics if you have them. Let's get together and have wet fun!

[1 subject]
Join 16 9/14/2007
For the love of Asian men (public group)
In celebration of the sexy Asian male--you know, the quiet guy in the corner banging your wife!

[4 subjects]
Join 31 9/7/2007
Watching the Mrs. in action!!! (public group)
If you love to watch your wife or girlfriend in the throws of passion, let us know. Does she like to be watched? Let us know. Do you like to take photos of her in action? Let us see them. Not only is it permitted to use this group for "Booty Calls", it is encouraged, if not expected.

[128 subjects]  [27 photo albums]
Join 3652 9/6/2007
Are you a Hot Bodacious Busty Blonde Bombshell? Are you curvacious and classy? Add yourself to this group if you think you fit the bill! Lets have fun out there! Single guys, please don't post here
Join 56 9/4/2007
BIKER BABES (public group)

[54 subjects]  [27 photo albums]
Join 532 9/4/2007
Vanilla Vixens ISO Single Black Stallions (private group)
Attractive,Sexy,Classy bay area couples who enjoy playing with HOT single black males. If you are a black male who is "model material" please send pics and phone number for approval. Thank you. SSC
Join 4 9/3/2007
S.M.I.L.F. (Soccer Moms I'd Like To Fuck) (public group)
Come join the incredibly hot and adventurous Soccer Moms. After all that driving around taking kids from field to field it is time for some Adult Fun and Relasexation.

[16 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 681 9/2/2007
Twin Cities Boy Toys and Those Who Love Them (private group)
Boy Toys in the Twin Cities and those who love having a boy toy to play with.

[2 subjects]
Join 24 8/31/2007
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