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Group Name Join Members Date Created
guys who love to suck other guys dicks (public group)
Join 5 5/15/2011
Couples making Porn with other couples (public group)
Looking for like-minded couples that LOVE to make homemade porn with other couples and singles, for you own private enjoyment ONLY and not for public use? We hope to meet sexy people ready to have some camera fun! 100% Real Seal Members Only with profile pics are approved

[7 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 153 5/13/2011
Double Anal Penetration (public group)
The title says it all!

[1 subject]  [1 photo album]
Join 85 5/9/2011
Make Incredible Passionate Love to Me ALL NIGHT!! (public group)
Everyone likes it a little differently, but this group is focused on those who LOVE long sweet erotic passionate sexy encounters that will last from 45 minutes to all night long!

[2 subjects]
Join 41 5/6/2011
Strange Stuff Club (public group)
This club is for people who just love the idea of having sex with someone new and different, for the sheer sake of a new experience. Everyone brings something different to the table, we love finding out what that is. Tell us your stories, or use this group to let others know what to expect from you.

[3 subjects]
Join 19 5/6/2011
A1 Proven Large 8" + Cocks & Woman who Luv Em (public group)
Actual 8" + and the woman that love them. If you are a male and join, I ask you to post a body and cock photo. Why? It's what the women ask for. ALL profiles MUST be 100% Real Ceertified. All members MUST have photos IN your profile. ALL Women and Couples welcome.

[13 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 210 5/2/2011
DL bisexual professionals (private group)
A place for those of us who must remain discreet, but who are comfortable sexually, and looking to meet similar bisexual friends; both males and females.

[3 subjects]
Join 101 4/26/2011
Kara's Chicago Groupsex Play (private group)
A group for people living in Chicagoland or visiting who are truly into participating in same room all out groupsex. Access granted to approved Real Sealed members!

[2 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 3 4/21/2011
Asian Bi Girls (public group)
A place for Asian Bi Girls to exchange experiences and meet other Bi Girls

[5 subjects]
Join 77 4/18/2011
private partys (private group)

[3 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 24 4/16/2011
Dancing and DJ'S (public group)
A group that will put together big events with top notch dj's. Dj's, Couples, Singles invited to join us.
Join 2 4/16/2011
Single men that can help you scratch that itch. (public group)
A group for those ladies lacking sex at home.
Join 63 4/16/2011
extremely large hanging breasts... (public group)
women who have huge...large and vainy breasts, please come forward for the men who love only you!
Join 2 4/9/2011
__Fuck Yeah They're Real! (public group)
If you are among the very very small percentage of women on LL with REAL boobs - then this group is for you! If you are a man who prefers no implants - this group is for you too!! If you are a woman with or without implants who loves real boobs - well, then this group is for you too!! What the hell... anyone can join!

[8 subjects]  [11 photo albums]
Join 223 4/8/2011
Amateur Porn Stars (public group)
Have you harbored the fantasy of appearing in a porn shoot? Does the presence of a camera, lights and/or photographers during sex only serve to heighten your sexual experiences? Do you fancy yourself model material, or would you like to fight the evil, monopolizing forces of corporate porn? If you answer yes to any of the above, then this group might provide a meaningful pathway to both fun and open sexual expression! Besides, why should those Kardashian and Hilton sluts have all the fun?

[20 subjects]  [8 photo albums]
Join 599 4/4/2011
This is for those who love the JAPANESE CULTURE. Japan's GEISHA'S, SAMURAI'S, & graceful exotic beauty makes it a shame to lump it all together as just "ASIAN". This is not for CHINESE, FILIPINO, KOREAN, OR ETC. lovers. They are not all the same culture. THIS IS INTENDED FOR those who LOVE JAPANESE WOMEN,(full or mixed blooded) CPLS A MUST, & RESPECTFUL SF & SM are welcomed to join. NO BOOTY CALLS/CRUDE behavior OR SPAM ADS. :D

[4 subjects]
Join 87 3/4/2011
-- Sex with the windows open -- (public group)
Do you like to leave the windows open on purpose at home or hotels? Maybe you are sending a very forward flirtatious invitation to your hot neighbor, or maybe you like the risk of getting caught or heard. Or maybe you have a neighbor who leaves their windows open. Are they hot neighbors or are they unattractive to watch and their sex life is just flat out annoying and gross to you?

[3 subjects]
Join 68 3/4/2011
1 I have a Hall Pass - Western Suburbs of Chicago (public group)
A place where members of a couple with a "Hall Pass" or "Permission Slips" are accepted openly so that people can network and find others with similar interests/availability. Others can also use this group to network date nights and get-togethers.

[6 subjects]
Join 75 3/1/2011
Sensual Fantasy Group of SoCal (private group)
This is a small, small group of sexy, friendly, in-love couples who like getting to know their LL playmates and then letting the group help make their current & future fantasies come true. Example - mix/match, sensual massage, threesomes onsite, voyeurism, good old fashion passionate kissing in a sensual environment, group touch, sexy discussions/wine and no sexy/or lots of fun....the group can dev the theme of each PM. An idea that may or may not have an audience...?
Join 0 2/28/2011
The 970 (public group)
This Group is for the People of the 970 AREA CODE. This is the Northern part of Colorado, BUT Not limited to only 970 people.

[13 subjects]
Join 14 2/12/2011
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