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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Wives that play with other Men/Couples (public group)
For couples in secure open relationships where the wife is encouraged to explore her sexuality with other men/couples. A wife only plays with whom she feels comfortable and intelligent threads and thoughtful conversation go a long way towards demonstrating your intentions. Booty Call and event threads are not allowed, otherwise you won't play in our sexy group anymore.

[249 subjects]  [28 photo albums]
Join 3796 11/6/2006

[532 subjects]  [130 photo albums]
Join 3596 8/28/2006
Watching the Mrs. in action!!! (public group)
If you love to watch your wife or girlfriend in the throws of passion, let us know. Does she like to be watched? Let us know. Do you like to take photos of her in action? Let us see them. Not only is it permitted to use this group for "Booty Calls", it is encouraged, if not expected.

[122 subjects]  [27 photo albums]
Join 3584 9/6/2007
The HOT Wife Thing! (public group)
This group is for those interested in the HOT wife thing. A HOT wife is one who is allowed to play with single males (with or without her spouse's involvement), but always with permission.

[165 subjects]  [28 photo albums]
Join 3365 10/9/2006
Big Pussy Lips and Clits (public group)
A group for lovers of big pussy lips and large clits. Women who have em, Men and Women that love to kiss em. In the Group Photo...MANDSEXYT has donated her pretty pussy for all of us to enjoy!

[96 subjects]  [179 photo albums]
Join 3246 8/1/2006
Full Swap preferred (public group)
For those who don't stop one fry short of a happy meal

[95 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 3236 6/1/2006
The vanilla bar pick-up (public group)
This is the group for all couples who've fantasized about watching your spouse from across the room being picked up in a vanilla club. Exchange experiences and ideas on exploring this erotic fantasy!

[106 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 3137 7/4/2006
Couples that loan out the wife! (public group)
For couples to offer the wife for play or to ask for a wife. Offers must be started by COUPLES ONLY. SM's may RESPOND but may not start OFFER-ONLY threads or will be locked/ejected. Sealed only!

[212 subjects]  [7 photo albums]
Join 2902 3/8/2007
Bareback Sex & Creampie Lovers (public group)
For Barebackers and Creampies Fanatic...Post whatever you want without limitations.

[177 subjects]  [62 photo albums]
Join 2854 1/24/2009
Fuck My Husband, PLEASE!!! (public group)
Are you a Wife that wants to get her Husband FUCKED? Women who want to borrow a Hot Husband for the night? Couples needing a XXXtra Cock for that DP! This is the Place!!! BOOTY CALLS WELCOMED!!

[289 subjects]  [27 photo albums]
Join 2822 8/8/2006
Interracial Hotwives (public group)
A place for LL couples whose wives openly crave big black cock (with the accent on "big")...and for the well-hung black studs who love satisfying them.

[232 subjects]  [84 photo albums]
Join 2782 6/17/2006
The Bang'n'Gang (public group)
For the women who enjoy men in multiples...and the men who enjoy being one of them!

[182 subjects]  [9 photo albums]
Join 2506 7/5/2006
Afternoon delight (public group)
For those of us who can sneak away ocassionally to play during the day. Lunch Break? In between meetings? or just playing hookie cuz your horny? Post your day and time here?

[317 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 2503 9/10/2006
Girls that swallow (public group)
Personal ads, will be locked! Gurlz who love the taste and feel of cum, and the guys and gurlz who love them.

[30 subjects]  [24 photo albums]
Join 2461 8/12/2006
Thick Dicks (public group)
Definition of Girth: a measure around a part of the body or extremity. Length is pretty, girth gets it done. Group Photo Courtesy of Imake3

[101 subjects]  [130 photo albums]
Join 2423 11/22/2006
Cum Queens (public group)
A place for LL women & couples who are infatuated with cum to meet willing males for facials, full-body or body-part cum baths, hand-jobs, tit-fucking & other cum play.

[54 subjects]  [28 photo albums]
Join 2409 6/17/2006
Wife Watchers (public group)
This group is for voyeurs and exhibitionists alike: men who enjoy watching their partners flirt with, kiss, and have sex with other men; those lucky "other men"; and the women who are the objects of our mutual focus and appreciation. This group is intended for intelligent discussion of related topics ONLY. *** NO BOOTY CALLS, PERSONAL ADS, or EVENT ADS *** Such threads will be locked and the poster will be removed from the group. Please earn your Real Seal *BEFORE* attempting to join t

[126 subjects]  [14 photo albums]
Join 2409 9/1/2006
Aggressive Sex (public group)
Sometimes enjoy rough, aggressive sex? (hair pulling, intense fucking, spanking, face fucking, slapping, restraints, Objectification and degradation etc) Real Seal & no new Single Males (for now).

[69 subjects]  [37 photo albums]
Join 2374 10/6/2007
Asian Beauties (public group)
This group is for the love of beautiful and sexy Asian women! Whether you simply appreciate the beauty of Asian women, or prefer them out-right... Here we will discuss, share, and meet with other like-minded Asian lovers!

[114 subjects]  [18 photo albums]
Join 2345 5/31/2006
Anal sexplorations (public group)
Discuss and explore anal sex! Relax and ask questions, share techniques, tell stories, etc. Anal sex is too much fun to keep it to yourself! Share away. Real Seal required for ALL members any members without a real seal will be removed.

[92 subjects]  [86 photo albums]
Join 2255 5/26/2006
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