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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Sexy Shaved Heads & The Women Who Love To Rub Them (public group)
This group is dedicated to all those sexy shaved headed men and the women who love to rub them!

[4 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 170 12/12/2008
BISEXUAL Wives for women that can play solo (private group)
Bisexual wives who are looking for a network of married, attached, single bi or bi curious women who can play alone or with another couple

[24 subjects]
Join 169 5/28/2006
Trains -Pull it, Run it, Ride it,or be a Caboose! (public group)
Whether you are the train puller, the train planner, the train rider, or just watching from the caboose... this is a group for people who enjoy sex where you have multiple partners in succession.

[17 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 169 2/8/2007
Gangbang Parties (public group)
We host regular gangbang parties. Join our group to get private info to upcoming parties. Be part of the events. Satisfy your fantasy Newest schedule will be up soon.

[5 subjects]
Join 168 4/3/2012
Los Angeles Cougars: Smart Cats (public group)
Love them? Are one? A place for mature, lovely and articulate women and the people who love them. These women bring a wealth of experience to the lifestyle and it would be most men's (dare I say women's and couple's too) honor to spend some quailty time with one of these fantastic creatures.

[11 subjects]
Join 168 6/3/2009
My wife/SO looks awesome in a bikini... (public group)
Think your babe could give all the males instant wood just by walking down the beach or at the pool? Lets see those bikini shots!

[1 subject]  [10 photo albums]
Join 168 7/21/2013
Photo Dare Challenge (public group)
It's cyber truth-or-dare (minus the Truth). First, members post dares (erotic, nude in public, etc). Next, members post proof photos of the dares in Group Photos. All members must participate to stay.

[13 subjects]  [16 photo albums]
Join 168 5/28/2006
Quid Pro Quo (public group)
Does the idea of trading sex for something else turn you on? Then this is the group for you.

[14 subjects]
Join 168 6/25/2008
San Diego's 8 inch and above club (public group)
This group is for the amazing women in San Diego who love big cocks! couples and singles are welcome.

[8 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 167 7/26/2007
Denver Area Blowbang Group (public group)
A group for those who love a large party where there is nothing going on but tons of cocksucking. We want this group to be diverse so we encourage Bi guys to join and will make some parties include Bi action and some be str8 only.

[26 subjects]
Join 165 2/13/2012
nice asses (public group)
this is for people who luv to see nice asses!!!!!!!!!!!!

[1 subject]  [7 photo albums]
Join 165 6/22/2006
Woman that love to give hand jobs and see cum (public group)
woman that love to make man cun by giving handjobs

[8 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 164 6/26/2007
Northwest Bi Women's Monthly Social (public group)
Forum Group for bisexual women in Pacific Northwest to interact and meet on a monthly basis.. come on ladies... Third Saturday of the month... laides only night?

[5 subjects]
Join 163 6/4/2006
Guitar Swingers (public group)
A place where guitar slingers in the lifestyle can talk about all things guitar and Lifestyle experiences. Tune up and turn up, and turn on!

[25 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 161 4/24/2007
Gang Bang (private group)
Looking for a night when a special women can have her own Gang Bang, just post it here and make it happen!!!!

[31 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 160 1/16/2007
Chicago women who fuck hot guys AGE means nothing (public group)
This group is for women in the Chicagoland area or who are coming to the Chicagoland area who want to fuck strong motivated men. Age making no difference. I have noticed a few single women who have a problem with my age 27 and it blows me away and I couldnt believe that they would turn down a 6'2'' 208lbs young strong man. Because of age. So if you want someone who will fuck you all night then this is the group for you. Fellas only join group if you can give these ladies exactly what

[8 subjects]
Join 158 5/10/2010
Emotionally Straight, Sexually Bi (private group)
Some guys identify as straight, but enjoy sex (oral or otherwise) with other men. They don't desire a relationship with another man, but rather are sexually flexible and/or open, and enjoy pleasuring and being pleasured by both sexes. This is a purely sexual thing. This group is for the men who are emotionally straight, but sexually bi, and for the couples and singles who love them!

[28 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 158 11/4/2012
Older men with somewhat younger wives. The loss of youth, but the accumulation of experience makes sharing with older couples an erotic pleasure. Couples 40 and 50 and more Unite.

[17 subjects]
Join 158 7/18/2006
SacTown Hotties (public group)
A place to talk and meet with HOT and SEXY locals, find out where the great parties are at. Also to discuss and post thoughts and feelings about new events and activities going on in the area.

[28 subjects]
Join 158 12/10/2006
Tantric Massage Exchange (public group)
Please feel free to post on the site, place massage requests, share your experiences, post massage party invitations, photos, or say "hi" to other Tantric Massage enthusiasts. Please note, that TME is not for paid professionals and TME does not promote nor facilitate prostitution.

[11 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 155 10/5/2010
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