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Group Name Join Members Date Created
HOT SWEET PUSSY (public group)
For those who like to Flash it, Look at it, Taste it, Smell it, Feel it, Decorate it, Penetrate it and make it Squirt. A place to post your photos and show us yours. The bigger the lips the better.

[9 subjects]  [51 photo albums]
Join 1300 12/4/2007
Up Skirts (private group)
For those ladies who love to flaunt their beauty in skirts, and those who love to admire them.

[18 subjects]  [70 photo albums]
Join 1297 6/2/2006
Pussy piercings! (public group)
This is the group where the girls show off their sexiest jewelry "down there."

[32 subjects]  [65 photo albums]
Join 1278 10/3/2006
Girl-on-Girl Appetizers (private group)
Dedicated to Couples who enjoy letting the Girls get things started with some hot & tasty "appetizer" action...prior to the Guys joining in for the "main course"!

[35 subjects]  [12 photo albums]
Join 1270 1/29/2007
BIG loads (public group)
A place for women who love big loads of cum anywhere and everywhere and for men who love to give it to them!!

[24 subjects]  [35 photo albums]
Join 1268 10/13/2011
*~Strap-on Play~* (private group)
Who doesn't want a little strap-on play? A group for those who love them and use them. Harness up! ***Real Seal Members Only--if you are not a Real Seal member you will be removed from the group***

[95 subjects]  [45 photo albums]
Join 1227 8/8/2006
Sexy Singles and Couples who enjoy the Dark Side (public group)
This group is dedicated to Singles and Couples who enjoy the company of people who are black (The Dark Side). We wish everyone would stop looking at color and enjoy people for their personalities and not skin color. Until we can unite everyone, this will be our public meeting place.

[80 subjects]  [9 photo albums]
Join 1194 8/29/2006
The Art of Licking Pussy (public group)
Almost indescribable is the feeling, the scent and the taste of a deliciously wet pussy pressed up against your mouth. Please join us in discussing the greatest of all sexual delicacies. Booty Calls and direct personal ads are not allowed. Complimentary profiles and those with zero profile pictures discouraged.

[33 subjects]  [17 photo albums]
Join 1184 7/28/2008
Girls who love their toys (private group)
This group is for those ladies who just can't get enough of their toys. If you have any hot stories and or pictures, this is the place to share them!

[27 subjects]  [29 photo albums]
Join 1159 11/3/2006
Salad Tossing, Anilingus , Rimming (public group)
Rimming/Anilingus (Salad Tossing) involves a variety of techniques to stimulate the anus including kissing,licking,and sliding the tounge in and out of the anus. Pleasure for the receiver comes from the sensitive nerve endings surrounding the anal opening, which are not typically stimulated by the tounge and lips but the jaw. A 69 works great for this. During and after a shower can't be beat.

[36 subjects]  [20 photo albums]
Join 1152 6/4/2006
Mega-Cocks 10+ (private group)
10 inches + and the women who crave size! Singe guys are required to prove size. See forum post.

[54 subjects]  [27 photo albums]
Join 1125 3/2/2007
Hairless Critter Club (HCC) (public group)
Lovers of a smooth pussy, shaved cock and balls. Those that love to lick and suck that lovely soft smooth skin. The group photo is of Mrs. Jetsetduo's laser smooth critter.

[16 subjects]  [47 photo albums]
Join 1124 6/16/2006
Wet Spot (private group)
For those who love to get wet. Feel free to post your moist photos for all of us to enjoy.

[17 subjects]  [34 photo albums]
Join 1121 7/15/2007
Illinois Gang Bang Info (public group)
Info for all the party people in the Chicagoland Area including Northwest Indiana & Southeast Wisconsin who like to have a GB every now and then. Please feel free to post any questions, ideas, parties etc.

[137 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 1120 10/26/2006
For The Love Of Balls (public group)
This group is for women who love balls and the guys who love women who do.

[22 subjects]  [32 photo albums]
Join 1103 6/28/2006
Weekday Erotic Interludes (private group)
Wouldn't it be nice to escape the busy day with an erotic interlude? What about putting that conference call on mute for a little mischevious fun? What if you could extend your lunch and attend a fun party where there is less talk and more action. We all need a break from reality; whether it's a short escape or a longer term affair. Welcome!

[153 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 1103 7/3/2006
ROUGH, WILD AND INTENSE (public group)

[21 subjects]  [7 photo albums]
Join 1096 12/19/2006
Hotwives that like to play with Boy Toys (public group)
Hotwives - hot married vamps who get off on being fucked by guys who know how to use us. Our husbands know that women were made to be ravished by multiple men; rather than being humiliated by us sleeping with other men (they're not cuckolds), they love us for our lack of inhibition. Boy Toy - stud used specifically by females for pleasure and fun. This might be that lone hard dick after the girls have used up all of the other guys at an orgy, or that hottie we know we can count on for fun.

[23 subjects]  [7 photo albums]
Join 1086 2/27/2009
Bareback Group (public group)
This Group is for people who like to Play Bareback!

[59 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 1076 5/5/2009
Hot "Unicorns" Unleashed (public group)
This is a network of women and couples who appreciate bi/swap curious women that are desiring to be "unleashed" by other members slowly and patiently, but in a seductive and erotic manner.

[42 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 1050 6/2/2006
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