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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Watch Me (public group)
For the women who love to be watched and for those who love to watch them.

[11 subjects]  [12 photo albums]
Join 894 4/1/2007
Anal and swinging (public group)
A group for couples to meet other couples that also do NOT have the "only with my husband" rule when it comes to anal sex. Full swap - open to anal ***REAL SEAL REQUIRED***

[38 subjects]  [19 photo albums]
Join 872 2/19/2008
3Sum Xchange Couples (public group)
Don't stress trying to find those so hard to come by single fems! So how do we plan to help? By swapping wives, fiances and girlfriends! Take one couple's gal for a night - and then they take the other couple's gal the next night. Night swaps, date swaps, mutual hallpasses, musical hotel rooms & more!

[62 subjects]
Join 868 1/12/2009
20/30 Proof (public group)
A group for couples and/or singles that are in their 20's or 30's, which can be rare, depending on where you live. Let's make this a place to chat, share ideas/topics/photos and set up occasional gatherings, to meet others in our age group.

[31 subjects]
Join 863 7/13/2006
Black Businessmen That Travel & Those Who Love Em (public group)
This group is for Single Black Businessman that travel often and for the Couples and/or Single Ladies that would enjoy connecting during their travels... SBM's that are able to host/entertain at nice hotels, meet for dinner/drinks, and understands the art of Seduction; Also able to hold a conversation are qualities required to join this group. Both Sophistication & Class are a definate a Must!

[418 subjects]  [30 photo albums]
Join 858 11/28/2009
Big Toys (public group)
This group is for people who love to see pussies getting stuffed with extra large toys or objects!!!

[26 subjects]  [31 photo albums]
Join 849 7/11/2006
Lovely Ladies of Color (public group)
Ladies of color who love to receive and give lovely pleasure!

[44 subjects]  [10 photo albums]
Join 847 10/24/2006
Ageless Couples (public group)
Our name says it all. For those in the lifestyle who are young at heart, keep fit, don't look their age, and fuck like rabbits!

[30 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 843 4/20/2007
Love to Swallow! (public group)
For those who love to swallow!

[8 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 839 3/14/2007
GIRL/GIRL Softies (public group)

[40 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 836 7/14/2006
STFU and Kiss Me! (public group)
Shut the Fuck UP and Kiss Me! If kissing makes you hot, and you aren't afraid of a little intimacy with the one you are fucking - this group is for you!

[17 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 831 2/27/2007
Voyeurs - Wife Watching/Husband Watching (public group)
Intended for "certified" couples who enjoy watching their spouse with others as a form of "play." A place to post pictures, post discussion topics, and find others with similar interests.

[33 subjects]  [17 photo albums]
Join 830 5/30/2006
Bay Area Newbies (public group)
For Newbies in the San Francisco Bay Area and veterans who want to help or meet them.

[118 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 823 5/14/2007
Rope Bondage (public group)
Let's trade tips on knots, styles (Japanese and others), suspension, safety and any other rope bondage topics. Post sexy rope photos. Experienced and newbies welcome.

[48 subjects]  [36 photo albums]
Join 822 7/31/2006
Masturbation (public group)
We all do it....so let's share our thoughts, ideas, techniques and experiences....it is the most personal, one on one experience and so pleasureful! Please speak freely!

[59 subjects]  [24 photo albums]
Join 817 7/6/2006
Itty Bitty Titty Committee. (public group)
Yes, I belong to the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. This group was started for people who enjoy and/or posess small breasts.

[39 subjects]  [39 photo albums]
Join 811 6/2/2006
DP lovers (public group)
For those (ages 20-45) who love double penetration with toys, anally & vaginally or orally and/or vaginally - all good times! Cyber-bulling & online intimidation is prohibited. So play nice!

[42 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 803 9/27/2006
Hot Chicks For Black Dicks (public group)
This group is for those who love Black Dicks.

[50 subjects]  [9 photo albums]
Join 803 1/14/2009
I always wanted to fuck a Pornstar! (public group)
For single ladies and couples. For those who love the Porn and always wanted to party with us!

[37 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 800 5/19/2007
Mature Sexy Lifestylers 50+ (public group)
A group for those over 50 and those that enjoy playing with them.

[37 subjects]  [11 photo albums]
Join 789 7/24/2006
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