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Group Name Join Members Date Created
MFM Threesomes (public group)
A group designed to discuss all things MFM. From Dos/Don'ts all the way to erotic stories. ***Please, no booty call advertisements.**

[641 subjects]  [82 photo albums]
Join 10731 5/28/2006
Group Sex and Orgies (public group)
For those perverts who like group sex and orgies and want to know where to find them.

[349 subjects]  [30 photo albums]
Join 7041 6/3/2006
FMF - The Elusive Single Female - We Exist (public group)
Saw this post in the Forums and decided to start the group.We are called the Unicorn or Elusive Single Female and yes, we play with couples. You just need to get to know us. Everyone is welcome here.

[496 subjects]  [11 photo albums]
Join 6722 6/19/2006
Couples that play with SINGLE MALES (public group)
A comfortable place for couples in secure open relationships to engage with single males about the threesome dynamic. Intelligent threads and thoughtful conversation always encouraged, as is sharing your naughty MFM (or MMMF) experiences. Booty Calls, personal ads and event threads are simply not allowed...otherwise you can't play in our sexy group anymore.

[974 subjects]  [89 photo albums]
Join 6290 6/1/2006
Hottest Sex pictures you have taken! (public group)
Let's see the hottest pictures of action you have taken. IF you have some you don't want to share just block the face.

[62 subjects]  [166 photo albums]
Join 6149 4/2/2007
Double Penetration Lovers (public group)
A group for those who love, or are interested in, any form of double penetration. ***Please no booty call advertisements***

[190 subjects]  [60 photo albums]
Join 5754 5/28/2006
PLEASE PHUCK MY WIFE (public group)
For those of us who appreciate how EROTIC it is to watch another man or woman fuck & suck their wife and photograph it for future enjoyment. Thanks for the memories. 8+ ers must join. Enjoy forever.

[383 subjects]  [60 photo albums]
Join 5660 11/11/2006
MILFs who play with Single Men (public group)
This group is designed to encourage discussion between single men and MILFs (and their partners, of course). This group is intended for intelligent discussion of related topics ONLY. >>> *** NO BOOTY CALLS, PERSONAL ADS, or EVENT ADS, PLEASE *** <<< Such threads will be locked and the member responsible for that posting will be escorted to the door.

[494 subjects]  [45 photo albums]
Join 5287 5/26/2006
40 Plus Swingers Group (public group)
The Over 40 & Lovin' It Swingers Group is for those who are actually over forty and still having fun in the Lifestyle. At least one of you in your profile must be age 40 or over to join this group.

[238 subjects]  [51 photo albums]
Join 4746 7/26/2006
.. two cocks for every woman (public group)
A group for those women who love 2 or cocks at the same time.

[146 subjects]  [52 photo albums]
Join 4666 7/17/2008
Slippery When Wet (public group)
The group for those who like it wet!

[203 subjects]  [69 photo albums]
Join 4664 5/26/2006
8 Inch and Above Club (public group)
Men with 8 inches or larger and the women who love them!!!

[281 subjects]  [193 photo albums]
Join 4609 9/16/2006
Creampie-Club (public group)
For People who like creampies...

[248 subjects]  [216 photo albums]
Join 4578 6/7/2006
Blowjob Goddesses (public group)
Because sometimes a woman just has to have a hard cock, in her mouth. bOOty calls, will be locked down, and repeat offenders will be removed from the group.

[105 subjects]  [164 photo albums]
Join 4577 6/26/2007
Deep Throat, Supreme BJs, and Oral Delights! (public group)
For the talented ladies who know how to render a cock into bliss with the gifts of their lips, tongue, and throat.

[93 subjects]  [150 photo albums]
Join 4459 6/4/2006
Single Males, Single Females (public group)
This is a place for single females to meet single males, It's not for couples. We seem to think this lifestyle is for couples, lets make some couples in this group, new friends, or play partners.

[570 subjects]  [16 photo albums]
Join 4374 6/20/2006
Fuck In Heels (public group)
For those who find high heels the best accessory for the ultimate sexual experience!!

[73 subjects]  [161 photo albums]
Join 4240 10/3/2006
Cum on my wife! (public group)
For those wives who enjoy the finer aspects of cum, and for those husbands who love to watch their wives slathered in cum.

[89 subjects]  [124 photo albums]
Join 4153 6/2/2006
Nice Booty! (public group)
For those who have or love a nice booty! Feel free to post a photo of your booty for all of us booty lovers to enjoy!

[92 subjects]  [205 photo albums]
Join 4115 6/24/2006
~~all things splooged~~ (public group)
This is your most sploogiest of sploogey headquarters. Tails of cum shots, facials, and long white ribbons of ecstasy await! Pictures of cum shots abound! Shooters and shootees welcome! Check us out -- OVER 300 Photo albums!! Our group members sploogey and we can prove it!

[144 subjects]  [431 photo albums]
Join 3930 6/24/2006
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