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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Bikram Yoga (public group)
It's hot!!!
Join 21 1/22/2011
Body By Kory Personal Training (public group)
Do you want to stay sexy and look your best? The best way to keep your edge is to never lose it! With Body By Kory you have a easy no hassle way to stay in shape with at home training available there is no excuse!

[4 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 20 7/31/2010
Boston Erotic Massage Exchange (BEME) (public group)
BEME provides a means to find others like yourself who enjoy giving and receiving healthy massages. If you provide massages at cost please do no do so here. We are a Tit for Tat group only :) Enjoy...

[10 subjects]
Join 73 1/8/2007
Breast implants, tummy tucks, and lifts (public group)
Herein lies your place to discuss your experiences associated to lifts, tucks, and/or implants at any stage - deciding to get, getting, and post. Honesty and vulnerability is always welcomed in here.

[63 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 324 11/29/2006
Brilliant Bodies (public group)
What would you do if you felt confident, strong, and capable in your body? What is the wildest adventure you would emark on? In this group we will explore health and how it relates to fullfilling our dreams. We will support eachother in dreaming about what is possible for ourselves and making the changes needed to go after our dreams. Health isn't about what you weigh or how you look it's not even about having "energy" What good is it to have a "perfect body" a

[1 subject]
Join 19 2/16/2013
Brows to Brazilians (public group)
For the love of silky smooth skin... A place to share stories and advice for all those waxing enthusiasts.

[1 subject]
Join 7 9/19/2007
Caffeine Free (public group)
Discussion, advice, and success stories about living a low or no caffeine lifestyle.

[2 subjects]
Join 4 9/24/2007
Cancer Patients- keeping positive & lending an ear (private group)
This is a forum 4 current cancer patients who think of themselves as survivors & are creating health & healing. Spouses or lovers of these beautiful souls are also welcome. May we live love-reach out!

[4 subjects]
Join 4 4/10/2008
CF - Cystic Fibrosis (public group)
This group is for people with or who know people with Cystic Fibrosis. Join this group to build long lasting friendships.
Join 3 3/4/2009
ChaLEAN Extreme (public group)
Beachbody's workout system from Chalene Johnson! All fitness levels welcome.

[1 subject]  [1 photo album]
Join 10 12/11/2008
Chicago Area Massage (public group)
for people that love to give or get massages. looking for professionals who are offering their services

[11 subjects]
Join 119 11/13/2008
Clubsport Swingers (private group)
Come on. I see you, Baby, shaking that ass ..on the treadmill. You see us and wonder, is that ...? Jump in the cyber pool with your fellow Clubsport members and then, maybe, into the hot tub on the adult side.

[1 subject]
Join -1 12/23/2009
CME and Swinger Couples!-- Let the company pay (private group)
A group For Doctor Couples! and Super Select single Doctor males. Doctors and advanced Medical professionals who want to get CME credit while on a fun sexy trip where the spouse Really wants to tag along.

[3 subjects]
Join 13 12/15/2011
Couples who workout together (private group)
We totally enjoy working out together and we would love to hear from others who work out together....the good, bad and the ugly of it!!! :)

[7 subjects]
Join 27 9/12/2008
Cpls Massage (public group)
Couples massage is one of the hottest services right now. Two people are therapeutically massaged in the same room, at the same time, by two different therapists. ur Couples massage session takes place in the comfort of your home, in a room large enough for two massage tables . Using the various techniques of Swedish-American, Deep Tissue and Reflexology, we will provide you and your partner, together, the optimal euphoric experience.

[14 subjects]
Join 289 6/4/2010
Cycling (public group)
A group for the Lifestylers who like to saddle up and pump out the miles

[19 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 81 5/25/2009
Cyclists (public group)

[7 subjects]
Join 68 3/8/2007
DAMN! This Shit Really Works..Or Not! (public group)
The "Consumer Report" for LL! Post on products you liked, didn't like or get feedback on products you want to try. Can be as simple as Listerine, Natural Remedies,Computers,Condoms.ANYTHING!

[63 subjects]
Join 323 1/23/2007
Dreamworld (public group)
A group for all who want to post their dreams and discuss possible interpretations.

[46 subjects]
Join 35 12/24/2006
Dyslexia (public group)
People with dyslexia usually have an average or above average intelligence... so why are we treated like we are stoopid? Support group for us!

[3 subjects]
Join 7 6/6/2007
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