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Muscle, Fitness & Body-For-Life (public group)
This is a group for fitness and nutrition information and inspiration. From muscle building & fat loss to success stories, share your information and questions here. This group was inspired by BFL.

[137 subjects]  [12 photo albums]
Join 1006 11/6/2006
Musclehedz (public group)
For the serious, hardcore lifters!

[310 subjects]  [20 photo albums]
Join 796 6/8/2006
Non - Smoking (public group)
how would like to be in a non-smoking. we would like to know how to make this happen for we do like all and would like to enjoy the time with you so come and join us for some good time.
Join 1 12/29/2006
Non-Smoker Wannabe's (public group)
A support group for those of us smokers that wanna be non-smokers! Tired of being bingers, pack a dayers, etc. Let's get together and support other LLers to have a healthier fucking sex life!

[3 subjects]
Join 8 6/21/2007
NorCAL: Northern California Athletic Lifestylers (public group)
This Northern California based group are for the most athletic sexy couples that value shaping their bodies regularly by their weekly exercise and daily intake of healthy foods. Ideas of body shaping and healthy food are discussed in this network. In addition, social information is shared to meet other hard bodies at places like Dusk Party in the San Francisco Bay Area: www.DuskParty.com

[29 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 180 2/16/2008
Northwest Runners (public group)
A place to meet outside the bar. Lets go for a run together, maybe a Saturday regular group run. All running enthusiast welcome.

[6 subjects]
Join 15 10/16/2007
Nutrition 101 (public group)
A group dedicated to the objective study of lifelong Human Nutrition and healthy eating. (This goes in tandem with fitness and exercise. :-)

[174 subjects]
Join 990 5/26/2006
Organic Meats! (public group)
We co-own Ballatoreorganicmeats.com and we would like to suggest to people, to make the switch to organic food and meats. Check out the web site and learn why organic is right for you.

[1 subject]
Join 9 7/19/2006
P90x, Insanity and other BeachBody programs (public group)
A group for those who use or want to use P90x, Insanity and other BeachBody Programs. Please don't join this group if you want to bootleg and sell illegal copies of said programs; this group is for serious users. We welcome your support.

[36 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 254 4/28/2010
Penis Exercises (private group)
For sharing tips and experience about penis enlargement exercises. Group is private so that membership won't show in your profile.

[5 subjects]
Join 32 4/15/2009
Phoenix Fitness Challenge (public group)
A place for those who would like to improve their level of fitness; and, more importantly, look better naked!

[4 subjects]
Join 20 1/13/2007
Pilates (public group)
This Pilates group is for all the LL'ers what have the interest in creating a stronger leaner body. Providing the highest level of instruction in all of Orange County. Many programs to offer.

[6 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 32 11/2/2007
Pilates Boot Camp (public group)
Get Rid Of Your Humilating Stomach Pooch And Transform It Into A Flat Toned Mid-Section, Plus Define And Tighten Your Entire Body!!!!

[3 subjects]
Join 43 10/15/2008
Power of the Pussy (public group)
A salute, an anthem... to the females that are aware, embrace and empower the LOVE within that is omnipotent and omniscient!!

[1 subject]
Join 8 12/19/2009
Pregnancy Support for Swingers (private group)
Support for pregnant swingers(and new parents). Our bodies are changing, hormones raging, and we're tired all the time. Dad's are encouraged to join in as well. **Going Public for now but this group is for real sealed preggos only! No single Men or fetishists!!! There are other groups for that.

[23 subjects]
Join 18 4/1/2008
Project Transformation (private group)
Need structure to reach your weight loss and/or fitness goals? Join a group that uses a project-based approach. Get tools and support to establish goals, set milestones, and create your plan!

[25 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 13 6/6/2008
Racewalking (public group)
For racewalkers and people into the sport of walking briskly and participating in race events.

[1 subject]
Join 1 3/29/2009
Ragner - Minnesota Great River Relay (public group)
Looking for some couples to recruit for a lifestyle Ragnar team.
Join 1 4/16/2014
reCUMbent riders (public group)
For those who love to ride 'bents!
Join 1 8/11/2007
San Diego County Tennis Enthusiasts (public group)
This club is designed to encourage LL couples / singles to meet in a fun environment for tennis followed by a coctail. One sweaty interchange often leads to another!

[3 subjects]
Join 22 8/29/2006
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