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Business With Benefits (public group)
Ok so we can have friends with benefits...does it work the same way in business? Networking, meetings, etc?

[287 subjects]  [8 photo albums]
Join 2221 5/26/2006
Entrepreneurs starting out and Established (public group)
People looking to share ideas on starting their own business or expanding their current business. Seasoned entrepreneurs to assist in avoiding the pitfalls as you build your business.

[130 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 965 5/31/2006
Investors wanted/Investments wanted (public group)
Here is a place where people who are looking to invest in business or looking for money to start/expand a business can get together. LL and Group are not responsible for any deals made here

[67 subjects]
Join 264 8/31/2006
Lending, Title and Real Estate Sales Professionals (public group)
This is a place for LLer's to talk shop and network with others who work in the lending, title and real estate business nationwide.

[57 subjects]
Join 189 6/4/2006
Airliners (public group)
Forum for LLer's who work and play in the airline/leisure industry. Let's find out some of your steamy stories and fantasies.

[33 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 188 6/14/2006
Colorado Business Resource Group (public group)
Advertise your business and/or services you offer. Looking for a particular business,service or product? Looking to buy, barter or trade with your fellow LLer's? Post here for all your business needs.

[101 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 182 11/4/2007
Entrepreneurs in the Lifestyle (public group)
Group is dedicated to those entrepreneurial types who currently have or want to start a business. With over 25 years of global marketing experience (b2b/b2c), I have helped launch hundreds of products/services and as many companies world-wide. As a serial entrepreneur, I've successfully started 3 technology (software and hardware) companies and 5 service companies. My mission for this group is to give business advice, act as a business coach, and give back to the community. Mr SJ

[33 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 182 9/16/2010
Lifestyle Business Network (public group)
This is a group for Lifestyles to find other Lifestyles in order to connect and support each other in our business activities.

[66 subjects]
Join 172 4/27/2008
Help Wanted (public group)
For employers who want to give fellow LLer’s the first shot at a job.

[22 subjects]
Join 166 8/17/2007
LBA (Lifestyle BARTER Association) (public group)
Own a business and interested in TRADING Goods/Services? Post it here!

[15 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 165 7/5/2007
Professional Event Producers (PEP) (public group)
This is a group for those of us who professionally produce events, parties and trips for lifestylers and/or the public at large. Swap advice, tips or stories in order to become better at what we do. www.DayPlayersParties.com

[57 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 161 8/28/2006
AZ Business Networking (public group)
This is a group small to medium business owners. We can all assist one another and be profitable. There are hundreds of networking groups, so let's start one for AZ and keep it in the family.

[19 subjects]
Join 146 3/25/2007
Arizona Real Estate for the Lifestyle Group (public group)
This group focuses on great homes/condos/venues that have some unique quality or interesting element that appeals to the Lifestyle. While Investment strategy, ROI, market trends is curious to us, its certainly not sexy to many. We want to bring great properties to our wonderment of what makes a home a Lifestyle Home!

[67 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 110 1/19/2007
Services Offered (public group)
Let's help other LL'ers out. If you do housekeeping, handyman, or you have any other business post it here and see if you can get some LL business!

[29 subjects]
Join 104 8/31/2007
Mortgage Professionals! (public group)
A place for people to post questions or just chat about mortgages!

[39 subjects]
Join 101 6/12/2006
Arizona Real Estate Professionals (public group)
Arizona Real Estate - Realtors, Finance, Title & Escrow Professionals. Wonderful forum for those that love to network with others sharing common interests and careers in and out of the lifestyle.

[59 subjects]
Join 96 8/12/2006
Construction Business Owners (public group)
This group is for people that own construction companies and wish to exchange ideas and seek input to improve their businesses.

[7 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 93 3/15/2008
Marketing, Leads and Promotions for LLers (public group)
This is a group for those in the marketing world who like the idea of working and networking with other Lifestyle friendly people.

[18 subjects]
Join 92 8/31/2007
I want to own a Swingers/Lifestyle Club (public group)
If you think you might like to own a Swingers Club in the U.S. or Mexico. This is the place for you. Honest answers and NO fees. Owning a Club is WORK. It is like Swinging. It's not for everyone. Check with us for Resorts, Clubs for sale our lease around the World.

[14 subjects]
Join 91 12/28/2007
Law of Attraction (public group)
This group for those are interested in learning about the Law of Attraction and how to use it to design their life.

[14 subjects]
Join 91 2/26/2007
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