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Group Name Join Members Date Created
_The Heart Of It All (private group)
A simple group where friends can talk. By design it will be a small group.

[59 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 5 2/4/2009
123 PHOTO LOVERS (private group)

[5 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 6 1/30/2009
* Palm Springs White Party * (private group)
This group is setup so we all have a very simple way to communicate about our plans for the White Party in Palm Springs.

[10 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 15 1/22/2009
A dinner and a movie (public group)
A group for people to see a movie, eat good dinner and talk about it after. Maybe even to make a friend or two, or get a date to go see/make a movie (wink) :)

[17 subjects]
Join 27 1/12/2009
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (private group)

[1 subject]
Join 1 12/22/2008
Furverts (public group)
A furtastically fun group dedicated to the furship of all things plushy & faux fur!

[4 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 9 12/19/2008
Soldiers and spouses who shag them! (public group)
We wanted to create a group for those in the military, retired from the military, or interested in military personnel. Military members share an uncommon bond of love and trust and we wanted to extend our circle of friends to the Lifestyle. This group is open to anyone who respects the people and traditions of the U.S. military.

[2 subjects]
Join 53 12/12/2008
Twin City Smexy! (public group)
If you're smexy and you know it:
Join 2 10/29/2008
My Spectacular Year (public group)
On June 28th, I dedicated myself & the next 365 days to accomplishing 12 things I always wanted to do- but never had...... just not resolved enough to do. I posted that list of 12 things PUBLICLY. when I did, others came out of the woodwork to help I have accomplished 3 of the 12 thus far, and am actively working on 5 of the others. in joining this group you can - challenge yourself to a spectacular year assist in another's spectacular year or watch those who have a

[27 subjects]
Join 22 10/29/2008
Women for big dick (public group)
For those of us out there that think bigger is better.

[38 subjects]  [26 photo albums]
Join 1184 10/14/2008
New Mexico Meet and Greets (public group)
Meet and Greet in public places

[10 subjects]
Join 51 10/8/2008
Haunted Halloween Festival 2008 (private group)
This is the official group for our Haunted Halloween Festival at The Korakia in Palm Springs. Once your reservation is confirmed you will be added to the group.

[26 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 20 8/12/2008
Storm Chasers (public group)
A group for those who are into chasing storms, fans of storm chaser pics & video, or those otherwise fascinated with weather phenomenon, specifically tornadoes and the like.

[1 subject]
Join 0 8/11/2008
Gardening/landscaping (public group)
Gardening & Landscaping designs, tips, and information

[13 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 20 7/24/2008
RED camera Owners/Wanters/Fans (public group)
Anyone who knows or is interested in knowing or sharing about the amazing RED camera products...

[1 subject]
Join 10 7/13/2008
The Nicoles (private group)
This group is for all those sexy women in the lifestyle named Nicole who love to party, and those who love them.

[1 subject]  [1 photo album]
Join 3 7/13/2008
Thread Leppers and serial post killers (private group)
a private group for the chronic thread killers of the nonintentional kind. If youve been responsibe for topic closure,been kicked off the site or thread simply dies after you post, then this is for u.
Join 1 6/10/2008
Smokers of GOOD Cigars (public group)
For all you Cigar Smokers. If you smoke one now and then, or everyday. This is a place to feel at home. Set up a Cigar Party. Talk about a good find you may have run across.

[2 subjects]
Join 20 6/1/2008
pierced cocks (public group)
the pleasure with a pierced cock

[2 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 13 5/7/2008
Women who Party With Women Only (public group)
A place for women who want to hang out, chat and play only with other women. NO MEN!!!

[1 subject]
Join 7 5/6/2008
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