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Submissive Women Speak (private group)
A place for submissives (women only please) to share thoughts, concerns and experiences. If you are 24/7 D/s, enjoy casual play or are merely toying with the idea, let's share! (Real Sealed Only)

[36 subjects]  [13 photo albums]
Join 51 5/20/2007
Mn. Certified Singles dating or looking to date (public group)
For Minnesota singles dating or looking to date in the lifestyle.

[17 subjects]
Join 179 5/16/2007
Flirting and Making Out (public group)
Too much emphasis can be put on power fucking and sexercise. For those who like more balance and appreciate the skilled art of flirting, tempting, teasing, turning on and making out.

[7 subjects]
Join 350 5/16/2007
Fantasy World (public group)
A place for all to openly share your inner most fantasies (whether they have come true yet or not). Lets help each other fulfill ALL those desires!!!

[12 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 155 4/1/2007
E.D. In The Lifestyle (private group)
For those that have experienced Erectile Dysfunction while in the Lifestyle beyond just performance anxiety. This is for couples who deal with this on a regular basis and how they cope with-in and outside the Lifestyle.

[4 subjects]
Join 3 3/30/2007
The Dirty Vanilla's (private group)
The group lovingly created for my 'Dirty Vanilla' girls! Fed up with dating within the Lifestyle? Can't bring yourself to go purely Vanilla? Welcome to the club! (Ladies only please!)

[2 subjects]
Join -1 1/23/2007
Single Horse Owners (public group)
For singles that own horses and want to get together for equestrian events, trail rides, camp outs, bonfires, and just plain horsin' around.
Join 8 1/9/2007
Dominants / submissives (public group)
Submissive devotion must be given without condition, hesitation or reservation. Only then can pleasure be given as a reward for a sub's good behavior and service. If this is a relationship dynamic you understand and practice, please join us here in our D/s devotion group. Non-sealed and inactive profiles will be removed.

[52 subjects]  [15 photo albums]
Join 895 1/3/2007
Age Differences (public group)
For couples who have an age difference. Come and chat about your experiences, difficulties, and benefits ;-)

[18 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 508 12/28/2006
Ladys that want to Fuck Guys with PAs (public group)
Only if you want to Fuck Men with there Dicks pierced.

[4 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 54 12/17/2006
date my wife (public group)
Where secure couples and gentlemen can discuss topics relating to hallpass style one-on-one dating. This group is intended for intelligent discussion of related topics ONLY, and we respectfully request that participants be real-sealed. *** NO BOOTY CALLS, PERSONAL ADS, or EVENT ADS, PLEASE *** Such threads will be locked and the member responsible for that posting will be escorted to the door. --> --> You must earn your "Real Seal" *BEFORE* attempting to join this group. <

[236 subjects]  [13 photo albums]
Join 2795 12/11/2006
Bumps, Potholes and Torn Parachutes (private group)
Obviously, we are spun to the positive, but this group allows some constructive venting, sharing for the broken-up among us. Whether divorced and remarried or not feel free to join. May go private.

[7 subjects]
Join 6 11/19/2006
The PolyAmorous Community (private group)
Big hearts, open minds, discuss the unique challenges we face in all its delectable variations. Dont need to be in a poly. We have a lot of love to give and those willing to share are always welcome.

[27 subjects]
Join 66 11/15/2006
Bring on the man! (public group)
You have that awesome partner that deserves more attention OR you know some hot dude that hasn't had proper recognition yet? We want nominations not self-marketing. BRING ON THE MAN!

[2 subjects]
Join 10 11/8/2006
Engaged Couples (public group)
Getting married? Us too! Here's a place to share your experiences and get handy tips for planning your wedding. Also a great place to vent!

[28 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 32 11/3/2006
The HottieCouple Household (public group)
This is a group composed of people who live in our house. It's a rather specizalized group but that has never stopped an LL group from forming.

[3 subjects]
Join 7 10/26/2006
Scrupulous Lechery (public group)
I am starting this group in order to welcome other couples from the South to party. There are so few members here in the south that we feel as if we need to form a more functioning society of friends

[1 subject]
Join 6 9/5/2006
Mrs. Robinson for L.A. (public group)
for older women in L.A. that r looking for younger men to play with, and vice-versa, for people in L.A. only, and feel free to upload as many pics as you want and if your interested yahoo: sknight35l

[4 subjects]
Join 109 8/20/2006
young blood (public group)
for older (35-50+)couples or singles looking to play with young people (18-29)

[3 subjects]
Join 152 8/16/2006
Chicago Women For Single/Hall Pass Chicago Men (public group)
Sometimes one-on-one is more fun. This group is for Chicago/area women looking for Chicago/area single/hall pass men. Booty calls are encouraged! Members without a real seal will be allowed provided they get the seal within 3 months of joining!

[37 subjects]
Join 361 8/6/2006
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