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Group Name Join Members Date Created
Doin' it GREEK (private group)
If you are an initiated member of a fraternity or sorority, email and come and play!!! Just email me the school, organization and chapter

[1 subject]
Join 2 12/22/2013
The Other Menstrual Hut (private group)

[2 subjects]
Join 2 1/17/2011
The Menstrual Hut (private group)
Very private sisterhood seeking to cure PMS. By invitation only...thank you for your understanding. Have a great day!

[5 subjects]
Join 3 1/17/2011
The Perfect Club (private group)
A small group of highly intelligent people seek to avoid the rantings of the mindless hordes.

[8 subjects]
Join 4 10/19/2010
Beta Alumni (public group)
This is a group for lifestylers who are familiar with Wooglin on Chatagua. Go Beta!
Join 0 7/27/2010
EBONY- White Guys & Exotic Women! (private group)
This seems to be the first ever EBONY group on LL. Strictly for exotic women and their white men!!! Why are we not a club or event, and a sorority/fraternity instead??? Simple... though we will cum together for events and parties, this is strictly a not-for-profit group! The purpose is to bring like-minded people together for PURE pleasure! We are trying to create a sexy, positive energy group of full swap couples and single ladies with substance for relations in and out of bed. N-joy!
Join -1 11/22/2009
Sssshhhh (private group)
Just a group

[359 subjects]  [3 photo albums]
Join 12 4/27/2009
Lunch Table (private group)
We are the alternative to the "popular" table we were never invited to dine at. Sit with us instead. Come over here.

[197 subjects]  [12 photo albums]
Join 46 4/18/2008
Bat Cave! (private group)
It's a total Mystery!

[107 subjects]  [11 photo albums]
Join 2 2/19/2008
Girls who love all-american, preppy guys! (public group)
Group for women who love the all american, boy next door, preppy, clean cut, fraternity, college type boy toys!
Join 11 3/23/2007
"Sigma Epsilon Xi" (SEX) (private group)
Sigma Epsilon Xi - Welcome to the SorWhore ChatHo House! The Lifestyle is an education - and needs a sorority! (Real Seal only)

[18 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 12 12/24/2006
Sigma Epsilon Chi (public group)
Group undergoing reconstruction.

[2 subjects]
Join 5 6/30/2006
APO's in the LS (public group)
I'd like this to be a meeting place for members of Alpha Phi Omega who also happen to be lifestylers to network and share some of their common interests
Join 8 5/31/2006
Nor Cal "Fratority" (private group)
Welcome to the Northern California "Fratority". "What is a Fratority?", one may ask? Well this is a swinger site... I'll let you answer that question. ;)Be warned: Some hazing may be involved.

[3 subjects]
Join 5 5/28/2006