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!Military Couples and Those Who Enjoy Them! (public group)
As of 1/1/2011 - 100% Certified members. People who are a part of or interested in those in Government/Military service. Please keep in mind discretion in your discussions.

[80 subjects]  [7 photo albums]
Join 602 9/3/2006
"Tramp" Stamps (public group)
Show us your tatts. Tramp stamps and all others. If you don't have profile pics you won't belong to this group. We are here for the give and take of the art, not just the take.

[11 subjects]  [64 photo albums]
Join 457 8/30/2007
**FIGHT CLUB** (private group)
It isn't something you can join.... It is something that you are.

[10 subjects]
Join 7 10/13/2008
18 to 30 - Younger Couples (public group)
For couples where both the man, and the woman are under 30. C'mon guys, whoever said - youth is wasted on the young?!

[170 subjects]  [6 photo albums]
Join 2865 12/2/2006
420 (private group)

[5 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 5 7/21/2007
420 Lovers (public group)
This group is open if someone would like to take it over

[280 subjects]  [17 photo albums]
Join 1539 6/30/2006
And Him (public group)
This is a support group for all of guys who are the "And Hims" We Love our ladies, even if they make everone forget who we are...LOL

[1 subject]
Join 3 5/21/2007
Art Lovers (public group)
A group for the discussion and appreciation of all arts. Would like to have postings on good exhibits and recent auctions or books about different artists. Any medium to be fair game.

[1 subject]
Join 11 7/28/2010
Asian Couples and Singles (private group)
Who loves asians?!! We do!

[12 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 18 6/2/2006
Asian Loving Singles & Couples United! (public group)
This is for SM,SF & COUPLES who do not mind mingling together who love the Asian culture or just Asian hotties, and also to unite and show their love for Asian Men or Women. For Couples who do not mind singles this group is for you!

[46 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 693 6/19/2006
Asian Men and the Women Who Love us (public group)
This is a group for single Asian men and couples or singles that have Yellow-Fever! We need love too!

[8 subjects]
Join 57 2/29/2008
Bad Spellars uf the Whirreled, UNTIE! (public group)
Thiss Gruup is fore awl the bad spellars of the Whirrled two UNTIE ass won!!! Ar U Illtierate Right now four freee infarmation! Gotta keepe abreast uf the limes. er times...

[1 subject]
Join 5 7/26/2007
Beautiful Inksters (public group)
For lovers of ink, those of us who are addicted to tattoos and other forms of body art. Beautiful Inksters, unite!

[47 subjects]  [42 photo albums]
Join 704 6/4/2006
Black Love (private group)
A group for all the black couples and single females on here (sorry SBM, you have enough groups on here). With no search function here, it is often difficult to find one another. Come share stories, pics, and connect with others with our unique vantage point of the lifestyle.

[30 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 82 4/30/2009
Bloody Heaven (public group)
Forget "Lady's Holiday"This is a group of people that don't skip a week of sexual endeavors, because they are having their period or their partner is....Bring it on bloody heaven! Love it for what it is [albeit a little messy at times]. Even vegitarians need a little iron in their diet.
Join 3 8/23/2008
Brazilian Culture/Cultura Brasileira (public group)
For those who know about or want to know about the beautiful Brazilian culture! Its not all just beer, soccer, samba and naked women! Come in, ask questions and get the true answers!

[40 subjects]  [5 photo albums]
Join 299 5/28/2006
Burning Man (public group)
participation. self-expression. non-commercialism. self-reliance. fabulous costumes. playa dust.

[457 subjects]  [16 photo albums]
Join 1729 5/27/2006
Burning Man - San Francisco Bay Area (public group)
A place for Burners in the S.F. Bay Area to share their stories, info, Playa tips, Party anouncements and whatever else members of this creative, sexy, and savy group can think of!

[93 subjects]  [2 photo albums]
Join 234 9/3/2008
Burning Man LL Camping Hook Up (public group)
Attending Burning Man this year? Would you like to make friends with other LL Burners to hook up with & possibly camp with or near? Much Love, Mrs. Clitsuckers

[103 subjects]  [4 photo albums]
Join 834 4/3/2007
Burning Man Los Angeles (public group)
For Burning Man people in the greater Los Angeles area to meet and possibly make plans to hook up at Burning Man. ...And maybe become fucking good friends!

[35 subjects]  [1 photo album]
Join 220 3/28/2007
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