Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I activate my cell phone for LL Text messaging?
Answer:  Select "My Account" on the main menu.

Then select:

Change your SMS texting preferences    

Scroll down until you see the input box for:

"Enter your mobile phone number"

The next step is to "Save Changes".

You will now see a red button that is labeled "To activate LL Texting, click here to verify your phone number"

You will then see instructions to text a 5 character code from your photo to

Once our system receives your text message with the proper code, your cell phone will be approved in approximately 1-2 minutes. Once your cell phone is approved, the red button will turn green, and it will allow you to send a test text message to yourself.

You may now send and receive text messages with any LL member that has given you permission to do so.

If you have a problem with the verification process, please double check that you entered correct and accurate information in the signup form.