Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Does the Lifestyle Lounge support mobile devices?
Answer:  Yes! For best results use

The main Lifestyle Lounge site website does not officially support the new generation smart cell phones. However we have many members that are able to use their mobile devices on the Lifestyle ounge successfully.

For best results using LL main website on your mobile device, you must ensure that cookies are turned on in your phone's browser.

You must also turn off the incoming IM option in your account profile. Select "My Account" from the main menu, then select "Change your profile answers and statistics". Scroll down, and ensure the option "Automatically start the instant messenger when entering site" is unchecked. Make sure to select "Save Changes".

Now that your account has been modified , clear your temp files and cookies from your mobile device and try accessing the site again. If the above steps are completed correctly, the Lifestyle Lounge should now work on your mobile device. We also recommend the “Opera Mini” browser if you are experiencing issues accessing the Lifestyle Lounge with your existing browser on your phone/PDA.

Please understand that you will not be able to enter CHAT or send/receive IM's from your phone.

For better mobile access, please use our dedicated mobile site at ""