Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I create a private event invitation?
Answer:  You can find this feature in your main friends list, or on the button (Add Private Event) at the top of the regional event listings.

The Private Event Invitation Manager is a tool that will allow you to mass mail some or all of the members on your Friends list, or any Lifestyle Lounge member as a guest to your private event.

What is unique about this email invitation feature, as compared with a regular email, is that you can tie your private party or event into an event listing, just like the events that are displayed on the Lifestyle Lounge homepage. However, as the name implies, these events are private, and can only be made visible to the guests that you include in your mass mailing.

This feature gives you the benefits of displaying your event details (Event description, photos, maps, directions, special instructions etc.), and the RSVP list to only those on your private invitation guest list.

To use this fun feature, select "Friends" on the main menu. Select the checkboxes of the members you want to invite as guests, and then check the box labeled "Make this mass mail a private event invitation", then click the button "Mass Mail All Checked Friends"

If you desire to mass mail everyone on your friends list, you don't need to check any of of your friends, just make sure you have "Make this mass mail a private event invitation" checked, and then select the "Mass Mail All Friends" button.

This is one of the more involved LL features. It may take a little familiarization to understand the full functionality. For further help on this new feature, select the "Click here for instructions" at the bottom of the Add Event page, or click here.