Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I add an event to "the Scene" on the homepage?
Answer:  Go to the homepage, and click on the "add event" button at the top of the Blue regional events, or use the link provided.

You will be presented with a screen that will ask you for basic event information.

The following are the minimum required pieces of information we need from you:

Event Title - This should be a clear and concise name for your event only.

Title Preview - This should only contain the city, state and date for your event.

State - Select the state you want your event to be posted for. If you would like to post your event for more than one state, you will need to create multiple event entries, one for each state (Warning, this option can only be used for neighboring states, under no circumstance are members permitted to excessively post their event in multiple states).

Start Date - This is the date your event announcement will appear.

Expiration Date - This is the date your event announcement will be removed. It is a good idea to make this date the same day unless your event is a multiple day event.

Event Text - Your full description of your event.

URL - Optional, this is the website address for your event if there is one.

When you are finished, click the "Submit" button to save your event.

Once you submit your event, you will be redirected to a preview page. You will also be given an option to add an option graphic image to your event posting. Simply click on the blank image graphic on the upper left corner of the event announcement.