Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I watermark my photos with my member name?
Answer:  For added security, you can add watermarks to your profile photos.

To use this option, select "My Account" and then Add/Delete Photos for any photo category.

You will then see a button to "Add watermark to this photo"

Clicking the button will bring you to the watermarking editor.

On this page you will see radio buttons that will allow you to place your watermark in a variety of locations on your photo. Select one of those radio buttons to see a sample of how your photo will look with your placement selection.

The watermark will be a line of small text that will be imprinted across your photo that will say "only for use on" and below that will be a repeating line of your LL member name.

You can experiment with position placement that gives you the best watermark coverage, with the least interference with your photo.

Depending on the color composition of your photo, you may wish to change the default colors of your watermark.

At the bottom of the page you will see color selection palettes, that will let you change the color of the line, and also for your member name line below that.

Each time you make a color change, your photo will be updated so you can preview it.

When you are satisfied with your colors and placement selection, you can click the button to "Save Watermark"

Notice! Once you select "Save Watermark", your changes cannot be undone. Your only option after saving to revert back to the original photo, is to upload once again from your computer.

Likewise, back on your photo edit page, you will notice that the "Add watermark to this photo" button will be gone for that particular photo. You can only place a watermark once per photo.

When you view your profile again, you should now see this watermark appearing on your image. If you do not, you will most likely need to clear your browser cache, as you are viewing your previously cached image.

The Lifestyle Lounge values your security and privacy, and we go to great lengths to help you protect your photos. We hope this new feature adds yet one more layer of security for your protection.