Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I display both Home and my Travel location
Answer:  To use this new feature, select "My Account" from the main menu, and then select "Change your profile answers and statistics".

Check the check box labeled "Enable Travel Location:"

The city, state, country and zip code text boxes will activate. Setting your travel location works the same way setting your main profile location.

If you are from the US or Canada, all you need to do is enter a zip or postal code. It is not necessary to actually enter the city, state and country. The zipcode will finish that information.

If you are from outside the US and Canada, you will be required to enter the city and country. The country is selected from a drop down list of all countries. When you enter the city, if more than one city is found for your spelling, you will be promoted to select the exact city from the drop down. If you don't know the city spelling, leave that box blank, and you will be given an alphabetical range to select. Once you select the range, a list of cities for that range will be presented for you to choose from.

Make sure you don't forget to save your changes once you have entered your information, otherwise your locations wont be saved.

Your new travel location will be displayed on the Who's Online, Search results, and on your profile itself.