Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I create a member testimonial?
Answer:  To write a testimonial for a member, just view their profile, and look for the "heart" icon at the top of the page. Click on it, and write your testimonial on the next page.

Once you have saved your testimonial, it will not be visible on the members profile until that member approves it (The member may also reject or delete it if they desire).

You will be notified by email when someone has written a new testimonial for you. The email will contain a link that will allow you to approve or delete the testimonial.

Once approved, the testimonial will appear at the bottom of the "Describe your appearance and personality:" essay answer on your profile. You will see it within a blue bordered box.

Only the latest 5 testimonials will be displayed per profile. But if there are more than 5 testimonials, there will be page number links you can click on to see the additional pages.

Additionally, by clicking on the "heart" icon on any page, you will see at the bottom of the next page, a link to "manage your testimonials". For your convenience, you can read, edit or delete any testimonials on this list.