Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What is an email flag?
Answer:  Email flagging is a feature that allows you to mark an email as important or needing your attention, without having to keep your email listed as new. Keeping an email listed as new sometimes makes the sender think you are ignoring them.

A flag is a way to quickly find important messages.

You will see in the drop down box at the top of the mail box page, "Show All Flagged". Doing do will locate all flagged messages on any page, or any custom folder.

To flag an email, simply click on the light gray flag icon next to the email in the mailbox. Or you can also flag an email from the read email page itself. When you flag an email, the icon will change from gray to red. Unflagging an email is accomplished with the same method.

To flag multiple emails at once, from the mailbox, check the check boxes for each email you wish to flag, and then scroll down to the bottom of page, and click the button "Flag All Checked". Once you have one or more emails flagged, you can also unflag multiple emails by checking them, and clicking the button "Un-Flag All Checked"