Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What are profile stickers, and how do I add or remove them from profiles?
Answer:  Profile Stickers is a feature that will allow you to customize other members profiles with small graphical icons, and a small note up to 500 characters to help you remember personal details about any member.

This feature is convenient when you don't want to create a full contact entry for this information. And also convenient because the stickers and notes are visible directly on their profile page.

You can access this feature by going to anyone's profile, and clicking on the link above the main profile photo. Just look for the gold ball icon. It's labeled "Click here to add a sticker to this profile".

Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to a page that displays all of the sticker choices. You may select between one and five stickers.

After you have finished with your sticker selection, you may close without adding notes, or click on the second button to add sticker notes. Sticker notes are optional.

When you are completed, you will see your sticker selection choices displayed above the main profile photo. If you entered notes, they will be displayed over to the right, above the profile statistics.

In addition, you will see these stickers in the members directory, and the search results pages.

These stickers and notes are private, only you can view them.

You can remove stickers in the same way. Current sticker choices are bordered in red. To remove one or more stickers, just click on the sticker you want to remove. You will be promoted with an "Are you sure?" message. Just answer yes if this is what you want. If you have any notes related to the stickers, this note will be deleted if you remove the last sticker.

We have created a wide variety of sticker selections. It will be up to you to develop your own system and meanings for each sticker type.