Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How can I get my club logo displayed above my event listing?
Answer:  We will allow you to add your logo for free! However...

We do require that you place a prominent Lifestyle Lounge link on your website, in return for your banner placement on our site.

You will qualify for free event banners on the Lifestyle Lounge if your site provides one of the following:

1. An "exclusive" Lifestyle Lounge banner on your login or homepage (No banners for competing websites on the same page).

2. Top placement of the Lifestyle Lounge banner in your links section, with a favorable endorsement if competing sites are also listed.

3. The Lifestyle Lounge link must be placed on your main businesses website.
The website must be a proper web domain.
Throwaway websites will not qualify (Yahoo groups, Geocities, etc.)

4. The Lifestyle Lounge link must have permanent, not random or temporary placement on your site.

5. The Lifestyle Lounge banner must be one of our banners (your choice), or a banner approved by us.

We will custom create your club/event logo. We will work with your artwork if you have any, or create it from scratch if required.

BONUS: We will also give your club top placement in our links section. Currently club links are sorted alphabetically. Your club link would be listed above the alphabetical list.

We will periodically review your website to see if it continues to meet our requirements.

Your business is good for our business. Let's help each other!

Please understand this feature is for bona fide Swing Clubs, and or active lifestyle oriented event planners running an events business.

Please contact for more details and to get started with the vetting process. Or send an email to LLCLUBRELATIONS within the Lifestyle Lounge.

Please include your Lifestyle Lounge member name.
Your website address.
And include any logo artwork you may have.