Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What is the Enhanced Login Security feature?
Answer:  If your computer has been compromised with a virus or a trojan horse, any and all of your online accounts could be at risk.

This is why we created the Enhanced Login Security Feature.

Recently we have assisted some members that have had their computers infected with keystroke logging spyware.

Keystroke logging spyware programs report your every keyboard click to a hacker.
Which means that all of your sensitive information such as account names and passwords might be compromised.

This is not only potentially troubling for your LL account and security, but more importantly any and all online banking and financial transactions that you perform on your computer may be at risk as well.

We would highly recommend that everyone runs a complete system scan of their computer for such viruses and spyware on a regular basis. (You should also note that virus scanning software tools may not find all viruses on your computer)

In an effort to help our LL members combat this type of spyware, we are testing a new enhanced security login feature that is designed to combat key logging software.

This new feature requires you to login by selecting a series of playing card images with your mouse, thereby effectively defeating keyboard logging spyware.

To set up this feature, you will be prompted to mouse click three playing cards. A total of 16 playing cards are presented, four from each suit, containing Ace, King, Queen and Jack.

Once this feature is enabled, after logging in with your member name and password, you will be asked to select your three cards for final login. (IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU SELECT THE CARDS IN THE SAME ORDER AS WHAT YOU SELECTED AT SETUP)

More importantly if a hacker has your account name and password, and then tries to access your account, but they select the wrong series of images, you will be given an email report of this activity in your LL mailbox. This report will inform you of the time of the failed login, the incorrect card selection, and the IP Address of the computer that failed this login.

You should select your three cards at random. And write this information down! Don't make it easy for a hacker to guess your card choices.

PLEASE NOTE: If you forget your card selection sequence, you will not be able to login. LL Administration will not reset this feature via email, as we cannot verify identities of members if your computer is compromised. There is a final failsafe that will allow you to reset this feature if you forget your card selections. You will be asked for a failsafe question and answer that if needed, will allow you to turn off or reset this enhanced login feature.

If you would like to use this new enhanced security login feature, select "My Account" from the main menu, and then select "Enable/Disable your enhanced login security"

If you would like to join the forum discussion topic about this feature, click here: Is your computer infected with key logging spyware?