Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I add a link or picture to an email or forum/group post
Answer:  You can use the shortcut icon's found on any forum/group or email posting page to add an image or a link to your post or email.

Clicking the "http://" will allow you to enter an URL that will appear in your post as a link. After clicking the icon, you will enter your URL in the first pop up, then click "OK". The next pop up will ask you for the name of the web page. You would enter whatever you want to call the link.

As an example if one was creating a link to and wanted to call the link that would be displayed in one's post or email "Headline News", one would enter Headline News on the screen that asks for the web page title. The link would appear as this; Headline News.

To add a picture to your post or email, you will need the exact URL where the image is hosted on the INTERNET. After capturing the URL, you would click the "Image icon" then paste the image URL in the proper field. After clicking okay, your image will be displayed in your post or email.

If the picture you want to include is not already on the INTERNET, but is only on your computer, you may upload your own photos to your shared photo album. Occasionally members wish to upload photos for linking in the forums and blogs. If this is what you wish to do, you will see an "Embed" text box that will contain the pre-formatted HTML code that you can copy and paste into your forum/ group or email posting.

You can click the "Preview " button to insure your link or picture is as you wanted it.

In addition please refer to the Help card for further explanation to enter links without using the shortcut icons.