Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How to rate another member.
Answer:  A member rating is simply a way for you to personally grade other members based on your preferences. You can select a rating from a lemon, one to five stars or a red hot pepper.

To apply a rating to another member of the Lifestyle Lounge, just locate that members profile from View Members or the Search page and select it. The member profile is the page that shows the members photo (if the member has uploaded one), personal stats and essay answers.

The rating selector is under the members introduction in the upper right hand corner. Simply select the drop down selection box, and make your selection. There is nothing else you need to do. If you selected the proper value, you should now see the lemon, star, stars or red hot pepper next to the drop down selection box.

The next time you view that members name in the View Members directory, your rating will now be displayed in the rating column.

You can also use the Search tools to locate the members that you have given ratings to.

Ratings are personal. The member you are rating cannot see your rating.