Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Why doesn't my Instant Messenger work?
Answer:  In order for the chat room and the instant messenger to work, you have to have java scripting enabled on your browser.

If you are using Miscorsoft IE, you can adjust your scripting settings this way.

Go to "Tools", "Internet Options", and then select the "Security" tab. Then select the button "Custom Level".

From there scroll down the list until you see an area called "Java permissions"

What is that set to? If it is set to "Disable Java", that is most likely your problem. It should be set to "High safety"

Then select "Ok", and "Ok" again on the previous window. Log out of the Lifestyle Lounge, and then log back in.

It is also recommended that you be using the latest versions of either Microsoft IE, or Netscape. Earlier versions may also be the source of your problems.