Solutions to Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I change my Zipcode?
Answer:  If you are from the US, and you would like to change your zipcode. Just click on "My Account" on the main menu.

You will see a box to type in your new zipcode. Do so, and select save changes, your profile will be saved with your new location.

If your not from the USA or Canada; To update your country and city location, select "My Account" from the main menu, and then " Change your profile answers and statistics".

Select your country from the drop down menu.

For your city, you may enter the whole city name, or a partial name. Upon save, the system will seek your city name, of multiple locations are returned, you mat select the actual city name you are looking for.

City names must be typed in exactly as they are listed in our database. For instance, HOPE TOWN, BAHAMAS uses a space between HOPE and TOWN. You may type in just HOPE, and you will be presented with all city names that match that condition.

Furthermore, if you leave the city input box empty upon saving, you will be given an option to view all cities in alphabetical ranges. You may then select the city of your preference.

As before, if you are from the US or Canada, you are required to enter your US zipcode or Canadian postal code.

If not, please contact us, and we can add it to our database.

Make sure you tell us your city name, as well as the zipcode.