Frequently Asked Questions
Do you have a Lifestyle Lounge question? Perhaps it's been asked before. Check out our Q&A archive before you contact the Administration, it may save you time.

Billing Questions
1.    Can I pay by mail?
2.    How do I cancel my auto-rebilling subscription?
3.    How do I change my credit card information on file?
4.    I have just upgraded my membership, but it hasn't taken effect yet. Why not?
5.    I tried ordering a subscription, but it keeps declining me. Why?
6.    What are membership prices?
7.    What is the difference between a Complimentary and Exclusive membership?
8.    Why can't I renew my account?
Browser Questions
9.    How do I clear my browser cache?
10.  How do I enable JavaScript on my browser?
11.  How do I enable or adjust cookies in my browser?
12.  My browser makes a clicking sound every 20 seconds. How do I stop it?
13.  What browser do you recommend if I have a Macintosh computer?
14.  What browser do you recommend to use with the Lifestyle Lounge?
Chat & IM Questions
15.  Are there any programs that conflict with Chat and IM?
16.  How do I enable or disable my Instant Messenger feature?
17.  How do I send an Instant Message?
18.  How do I setup my MAC Cam for Chat
19.  Why can't I seem to IM anyone?
20.  Why do I get booted from chat for inactivity, even though I am active?
21.  Why doesn't my Friends List load?
22.  Why doesn't my Instant Messenger work?
Email Questions
23.  Can I send or receive email using a regular Internet email address?
24.  Can I send private party invitations?
25.  Can I undelete mail after I have deleted it?
26.  Creating and using custom email folders
27.  How do I "unsend" an email?
28.  How do I block single males from contacting me?
29.  How do I send an email?
30.  How do I stop outside email notifications of new LL mail?
31.  How do I use an email template
32.  Using custom email folders
33.  What is an email flag?
34.  Why am I having trouble reading my mail?
35.  Why isn't there a Send Mail icon in my profile?
36.  Why was there no new mail in my inbox, even though I received a notice of new mail at my outside email address?
Events & Advertising Questions
37.  Can I purchase banner or popup advertising on your site?
38.  How can I get my club logo displayed above my event listing?
39.  How do I add a link and banner for my club or website in your links area?
40.  How do I add an event to "the Scene" on the homepage?
41.  How do I create a private event invitation?
42.  How do I find previous event listings?
General Questions
43.  Am I able to remove a forum or group post.
44.  Do you have a mobile version of LL?
45.  Do you have an affiliate program?
46.  Does the Lifestyle Lounge support mobile devices?
47.  How can I see a list of all the contacts that I have created?
48.  How can I see who marked me as a friend?
49.  How do I add a link or picture to an email or forum/group post
50.  How do I block a member from viewing my profile and sending me mail?
51.  How do I contact the administrator?
52.  How do I create a personal reminder?
53.  How do I get in the spotlight profile?
54.  How do I minimize the main header?
55.  How do I upload a photo from a mobile device?
56.  I can't access LL with my Iphone or Android
57.  I think my account was hacked. What should I do?
58.  If I delete a contact entry, will it delete all of my contact notes?
59.  Slow scrolling with high-res widescreen Dell monitors?
60.  What do the different colored numbers below a profile photo represent?
61.  What if I disagree with the swinging lifestyle and think it's wrong?
62.  What if I don't want to see single males on the bOOty Call feature?
63.  What is a "bOOty Call?"
64.  What is a "Wish List", and how do I use it?
65.  What is a contact, and how do I create one?
66.  What is the Enhanced Login Security feature?
67.  What is the Travel Planner, and how is it used?
68.  Where to I find a list of lifestyle terms and abbreviations?
69.  Why do I get "Page Expired" notices when I use the browsers back button?
70.  Why do I occasionally have trouble logging in to the site?
71.  Why does the site sometimes go offline?
Profile Questions
72.  Can I change my member name?
73.  Can I see who is viewing my profile?
74.  Can other members see how I rate them with my star ratings?
75.  Explain what a friend is.
76.  How can I unblock a member?
77.  How can we add a Permission slip
78.  How do I add or find out what my private photo password is for my profile?
79.  How do I add or remove photos on my profile?
80.  How do I add or remove someone from my friends list?
81.  How do I as a couple award someone I know the 100% Real Seal?
82.  How do I Bookmark a Profile
83.  How do I change my lead photo, or the order of my photos in my profile?
84.  How do I change my password?
85.  How do I change my profile information?
86.  How do I change my regular email address in my account?
87.  How do I change my Zipcode?
88.  How do I change the gender status of my profile?
89.  How do I create a member testimonial?
90.  How do I create personalized LL social cards
91.  How do I display both Home and my Travel location
92.  How do I get awarded the 100% Real Seal?
93.  How do I get events I am attending to display in my profile?
94.  How do I get travel plans listed on my profile?
95.  How do I hide/remove my profile?
96.  How do I prevent someone from viewing my profile?
97.  How do I remove someone from my wishlist
98.  How do I share one of my photos with another member?
99.  How do I watermark my photos with my member name?
100.  How to add or remove members from your White List.
101.  How to rate another member.
102.  I am a 100% Real Seal Member, but I can't see everyone's gold photos, why not?
103.  What are profile stickers, and how do I add or remove them from profiles?
104.  What are your requirements for posting photos?
105.  What does the gold "100% Real Seal"™ symbol mean?
106.  What is a member star rating?
107.  What is a member testimonial?
108.  What is a Private Photo White List?
109.  What is the gold star symbol next to a members name in the directory?
110.  Why are photos I uploaded to my profile not appearing?
111.  Why can't I see any profile photos?
112.  Why can't I see the password protected photos if I have the password?
113.  Why doesn't my profile show the correct city I live in?
114.  Why isn't there an Instant Messaging icon in my profile?
115.  Why weren't my photos approved?
Text Messaging
116.  Can I create, delete or renew my bOOty Call from LL Text?
117.  Explain LL Text Messaging
118.  How do I activate my cell phone for LL Text messaging?
119.  How do I use the LL Text messaging feature?
120.  If I use this feature, will others be able to find out my cell phone number or address?
121.  Is there an LL Text support group?
122.  Is there any extra costs to use LL Text messaging?
123.  What are the commands to text members and for bOOty Call
124.  What are the short code commands?
125.  What if I am away from my computer, and I need to turn off LL Text messaging?
126.  What if I only want to receive text messages from certain members?
127.  What is a LL Text cell phone skin?
128.  What is a short code?
129.  Which wireless carriers work with LL Text?
130.  Why would I use LL Text messaging?
131.  Will I ever receive unwanted text messages or spam?

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