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Member Since:   4/30/2006
State:   AZ
Zipcode:   85254
Gender/Status:   Couple
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Preference:   I'm Straight I'm Straight
Age:   37 40
Height:   5' 3" 5' 10"
Weight:   101 lbs - 115 lbs 176 lbs - 200 lbs
Eye Color:   Brown Brown
Hair Color:   Brown Brown

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  Weeeeeer'e BAAAAACK! :-) It's been a very long time coming and it's sooooo time to pick up where we left off...enjoying the fun people and adventures life has to offer! We're really looking forward to re-aquainting ourselves with all the wonderful LL friends we've lost contact with over the last few years...and meeting many new people as well! For those we've not had the pleasure of meeting yet....We've been a (mostly..ha, ha) happily married couple since 1997 (wow that's a long time :-) ) and we have a very high respect for one another. We joined LL for one reason....the people. We were introduced to the lifestyle after being invited to a takeover event in Scottsdale (ya never forget your first time). We had no idea what to expect and were actually pretty nervous not knowing what we were about to get ourselves into. It was probably one of the funnest times we'd ever had up to that point in our marriage. Obviously we were impressed with all the fun and sexy people LL had...but what completely floored us was how incredibly respectful these people were to each other at that type of gathering...the women were nice to one another and the men were absolute gentleman....hook, line and sinker....consider us hooked!! We've made many great friendships since because of LL and look forward to making more. As far as who WE are...If you're looking for a full-swap couple who merely uses this site to "hook-up" for sex...we're not the couple for you. Nothing wrong with that, it's just not "us". If you're looking to meet new and exciting people who share a like-minded value system where Family comes first and friendships are valued and considered a true gift, please feel free to say hello. We are a "drama-less" couple and try to avoid those who are. Life's too short and time too precious to live any other way. We both work hard to stay physically and mentally attractive to one another and appreciate meeting like-minded couples. The sky's the limit with us (for the most part) and you never know what might happen. Although we've been associating for many years with friends who are LL Members...we haven't necessarily considered ourselves as "Members". In that time however we've seen, experienced and learned much about "The Lifestyle" and have really enjoyed doing so. We have much to learn and find ourselves freshly excited and newly energized to do so!

**One very important lesson we've learned and take quite seriously***
When meeting people for the first time the only thing being "assumed" by us is that they will be kind...the only thing being "expected" by us is that they'll be respectful...not surprisingly, those who tend to assume and/or expect "more" than that...more than likely also tend to find themselves being removed from people's contact lists. :-)

WE TEND to get along VERY well with others who feel the same and usually end up becoming CLOSE friends! ;-)

So let's do this thing!!! Hoping to have an incredible 2014 Summer!

Updated May 2014
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  Drug-free, fun, outgoing and confident people would describe the majority of our friends. :-)

Although mentioning the words good looking, nice and/or in-shape may be politically incorrect these days and possibly result in having some people think we're appearing to be "vane" or "stuck-up"....In my (male sided) opinion that's only the ugly, mean and fat people we're offending so why should I care? (OMG THAT'S SO MEAN...But I'm laughing my ass off at my own humor...I'm sick and wrong) :-)