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Adventurous Couple Looking for Same 
Member Since:   8/6/2002
State:   MA
Zipcode:   02720
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   Female is Bisexual I'm Straight
Age:   52 52
Height:   5' 2" 5' 8"
Weight:   101 lbs - 115 lbs 151 lbs - 175 lbs
Eye Color:   Brown Hazel
Hair Color:   Brown Shaved

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  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  We're a very happy, playful, secure couple, married 20 years now. He is 5'7", 165 lbs., bald by choice, very adventurous, very respectful. She--yours truly--is 5'2", 107 lbs., slim build, bisexual/gender-neutral in orientation, very passionate, playful and hungry.

We consider ourselves best friends and lovers as well as husband and wife. We've been doing this about three years now and have found that it has brought us even closer. It gives you the opportunity to see your spouse from a more objective point of view, as a very desirable, sexy person in their own right--which of course only makes you want them more! :-)

Over the years we've come to realize that for us, sex and love are two entirely different creatures. We have an amazingly stable relationship and take great joy in celebrating each other's sexuality. The adventures we share just make us appreciate one another all the more.

LIKES: We enjoy well-integrated group play with experienced and adventurous couples. We like to participate in each other's experience, be an active part of it. We're very open-minded and tend to feed off of other people's sexual energy. It's fun to find out what really floats someone's boat and watch them freely ride that wave! We love to see people relaxed and totally lost in the moment; unself-consciously sharing and enjoying their own unique brand of sexuality whether that be slightly offbeat or purely sensual in nature.

For us, sex is like a playground and we approach it with the same attitude. We love to play with total abandonment--all senses engaged!--and if we learn a new trick or two along the way, all the better!
On the same token, we're very easy-going and will absolutely NOT push our own fantasies on others. If an activity makes you uncomfortable in any way--no problem. If it doesn't turn you on, then we won't get any of that wonderful sexual energy that we so love to feed off. :-)

MORE ON HIM: Don't let the bald head fool you--he's a total sweetheart! Very adventurous and eager to please. Likes individuals who can comfortably communicate their desires. A playful attitude is a must! Very natural, relaxed women with a touch of aggressiveness a plus, women who really enjoy playing with BOTH genders--male as well as female--not someone passively going through the motions just to please her partner.

MORE ON HER: For her, a compatible personality/playstyle is more important than gender. Enjoys new sensations and experiences as well as eye contact with partners of both sexes. Delights in lavishing attention on sexy, willing and responsive partners, passionate men/women who know how to take care of what's between the ears as well as what's between the legs! ;-)

  Describe what you are looking for: 
  LOOKING FOR: We are looking for easy-going people with good manners who know how to behave out in public--for the most part anyway *grin*--and really let loose in private! We prefer adventurous and experienced FULL SWAP couples with a decidedly bi female in our general age range--ideally both partners in their 30s to early 40s. All limitations are cheerfully respected.

We truly enjoy people who are secure in their relationships, people who can laugh, let go, be a little silly and sexual all at the same time and just enjoy the ride for what it is.

Looking to mix it up in various combinations. Two--or more!--lusty couples completely and sexually intertwined. He does engage in some same-sex play under the right circumstances, but does not actively pursue it or expect it. (He knows she practically creams herself at the thought and he just loves to please!)

It would be nice to stray a bit more from the vanilla every once in a while. For example, she enjoys light spanky-type fun with the right individual(s)--male or female. Would also like to put her trusty strap-on to good use, either gender--happy to give or receive! Not a "necessary," but it's kind of wild and fun! :-)

Oh, and more toy play! She loves toys! Toys and accessories are, of course, optional, but very, VERY welcome, as are dress-up and fantasy play!

Anyway, just a few items on a relatively vast menu of sexual delights from which our playmates are free to pick and choose. Feel free to speak up--we're more than willing to entertain new ideas and activities.

DON'T WANT: Not interested in seducing uninterested or reluctant parties. We will not swing alone. Also not looking to fulfill anyone's threesome fantasy while one of us sits on the sidelines--we come as a couple, we play as a couple.

Also people uncomfortable with sharing their partners or engaging in uninhibited group play; women listed as bi or bi-curious, either by themselves or an overly zealous partner, who clearly are not; crude people without any manners; drunks and heavy drug users.

Really not looking just to trade pictures or for long-term "pen pals," but sincere people actually willing to meet with us. We want more than talk, we want friendship, fun, and uninhibited sex! Yee-haw! :-)

We prefer to exchange "unmasked" photos before arranging any kind of face-to-face meeting--G-rated or otherwise (evil grin!) is fine! We're not into "trading" pics just for the sake of trading/collecting--they're merely a tool to see if there is some kind of mutual attraction.

For the initial meeting, a public place such as a pub/bar or restaurant is ideal--someplace neutral where we can get a feeling for one another. As for more intimate encounters, preferably, someone else's house or a hotel/motel, as we have a teen at home, but are willing to host when the house is free.