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                 Lifestyle Lounge members are sexy,
classy and open minded...

...Are you???
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I'm straight to the point…. lets have fun! :) 
Member Since:   12/30/2009
State:   MN
Zipcode:   55120
Gender/Status:   Female
Preference:   Female is Bisexual
Age:   39
Height:   5' 10"
Weight:   151 lbs - 175 lbs
Eye Color:   Hazel
Hair Color:   Brown

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The Lifestyle Lounge
is an adults only
social community
  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  Note: if you'd like to chat... feel free to gift me a membership so we can communicate (otherwise I won't be able to see your email).

Looking for friendships. Personality and class counts most. Extra special if you're a food and wine connoisseur and have the means to play! I'm a professional, sweet midwest girl-next-door type with a secret wild side. I love making new friends and meeting in person right away. I'm not interested in long IM chats, webcam or phone sex. I need the real thing ;)

I'm a tall, curvy, bisexual girl. I'm fun, sensual and LOVE TO CUM! I can even squirt if we're having a lot of fun. Are you up to the challenge?

I'm open to pretty much anything, as long as you're fun, respectful and you're out to please.I love my curvy ass caressed and grabbed. I love a guy who can be attentive and sensitive to my needs, but sometimes like it a little aggressive (a light hair pull or smack is hot). I will do any position that I can get off on and hits my g-spot. I'm turned on by a true gentleman who knows how to spoil a hot woman, gifts, massages- especially foot and ass, and a guy who moans or talks sexy, yet politely in bed.

- disease free
- always use protection (this is a must)
- if you get me turned on enough, I might even squirt!
- I'm a tall, curvy girl and can take (and prefer) big cocks
- like anal on rare occasion, if your cock is not too big.
- don't like being controlled or forced, no BDSM.
- I'm either shaved or trimmed. I prefer you to be shaved or trimmed as well, especially on your cock shaft.

READ BELOW for meeting details...
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  A boyfriend-like experience.

Please bear with me while I get the technical stuff out of the way, so we can get to the HOT SEX! ;)
I'm seeking...Professional, successful, Caucasians Only Please.

- Meet in the city only (Once we get to know each other, I can easily travel, if it's your treat of course).
- You host or provide hotel, unless otherwise specified.
- No cigarette smoking
- No dogs or hairy animals
- No roommates or kids in the house
- I will only host a girl
- Bonus points: bring Tito's Vodka and 420 as a party favor. My fav drink: Tito's or Belvedere vodka, with club soda and lime.

GIRL on GIRL: Let's build our sexy energy and become great friends. I love to caress and play with toys- have a girls night in of giggles and wet explosions.

COUPLES: I only talk to the girl first. Please have her email me. For couples, I'm a bit slower to indulge right away. I respect a woman and her man. I like to make sure I befriend and PLAY solo with the girl first....then the guy at later point perhaps. The guy should treat me like his second girlfriend and be there to take care of us and make us the priority. I don't want to feel like I'm the third wheel. Male or female hall passes are ok too.
I can travel to warm destinations for fun as well. I'm seeking a well-off fun couple, where the woman is hot and the man has the resources and likes to wine and dine his special ladies....pamper his princesses. I prefer the finer things in life.

- I'm seeking a fuck friend with a great personality.
- I am in Minnesota and Chicago regularly, and can easily travel, if it's your treat of course.
- For me to respond, please provide multiple clear pics of your face and of course your HARD cock, especially a side angle. It helps to have something common for size reference.
- Whitelist me. Unlock your privates please. And I'll respond with the same.
- I will fuck on the first date if I feel comfortable and the mood is right, but know I'm not into one-night-stands. I'm into multiple night stands ;)
- Provide your availability so we can arrange a meet up. Tuesday or Thursday early evenings are best for me.

Girls, toys, and watching others is good foreplay... but I need a huge strong cock in the end! :)
- 8 inches or larger
- high stamina (stay hard after u cum, quick recovery, or takes a lot to cum)
- thick, big head and curved toward your stomach is an added plus
- a man who is 5'9+ and 175 lbs+

You must be:
- LL certified
- disease free
- have a desire to please me (cocky selfish guys are a huge turn off)
- more sub than dom attitude, except at appropriate passionate times in bed.
- giving and a gentleman

- I am not on birth control. (It kills my sex drive).
- Have condoms that fit your dick and don't slip off or give me the excuse condoms are too tight. See www.coripa.com.
- No playing without protection. If you try anything slimy or disrespectful I will get up and leave IMMEDIATELY. This includes TRYING TO FUCK ME WITHOUT A CONDOM!!! Many single men say... "I just want to see how you feel", or "just want a taste" or "I can't get hard at first with a condom" or worst...will slip the condom off when you think I won't notice, or pretend like it just accidentally slipped off. I'm not a hater, but single men have a bad reputation for a reason. You are not smart or smooth. If you've read this, and agree to be a gentleman, please put "Gentleman at your service" in the subject title.
- No late night calls or texts. If I give you my number, respect it.

Please be extremely polite, generous, and make sure my needs are met!
Let's meet soon and have have fun!