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                 Lifestyle Lounge members are sexy,
classy and open minded...

...Are you???
Are you truly ready.. for a great adventure? 
Member Since:   10/3/2006
State:   OH
Zipcode:   43220
Gender/Status:   Male
Preference:   I'm Straight
Age:   47
Height:   6'
Weight:   176 lbs - 200 lbs
Eye Color:   Blue
Hair Color:   Brown

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  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  Been taking a break for a while...but I'm baaaack!

So...are you ready? Ready to meet a guy that is real and genuine, a guy with class & integrity but with an UBRIDLED wildside that will allow us to discover or explore...well, the possibilities are endless. :) Do you think you are a truly adventerous woman (or...very select couple) ? If so, keep on readin'...

you will find I am a traveler and I have an infinately curious nature...discovering new places, new people and new fantasies...oh, my! Of course...discovering's part of the fun...gettin' nekkid...that's the other part. Oh...and I will travel and have traveled just about everywhere to hang out with quality friends.

You'll discover that I am pretty much an open book, brutally honest, grounded (most days - lol), a little silly (the word "dork" has been used a time or two), very bold and as my closest friends will testify; "Fiercely Loyal". You will easily find yourself completely at ease in my presence in no time flat and I am truly passionate (about many things) and EXTREMELY respectful. You will also discover that I think outside the box. I am self confident, which comes from the results of my actions, both the positive ones and the ones where I got my ass kicked (butt is still sore from a few of them).

You can easily judge my physical appearance (and decide if I fit the bill or not), as my photos are recent. The rest of me...we'll just have to spend some time gettin' acquainted. I do what I say and say what I do. I hope you are that kind of person (people) as well.

I have been in the lifestyle for some time (I was part of a couple involved in the lifestyle). This lifestyle has become an extension of me...it does not define me. I believe "lifestyle" is a term that defines an environment where people can be open & express themselves freely (and it doesn't necessarily mean sexually all the time either. Well, most of the time ;)). It's the atmosphere, the people, the places, the relationships and yes, the gtettin nekkid part...that make the "lifestyle" truly enjoyable.

Can't remeber the last time I was clothed on a beach though- lol.
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  As I stated...I'm here to discover & explore...new friends & new possibilites - no matter where they are...one never knows what great things are coming your way!

I am NOT here for notches on my belt & I am not a fan of one night stands. Although we all have a little bit, I have no real excess baggage (carry on size, w/ wheels for easy carting around) and no real drama in my life. Drama...bad!

My vanilla friends do not understand this more gregarious side of me. They, ever so lovingly-lol, call it "the dark side" (they have no idea what theyre missing!)...which is part of why my journey has lead me to and kept me in the lifestyle...to have people in my life that...get it! I have met and become friends with many great people in the lifestyle over the years and had many great adventures. I am looking forward to meeting new friends and having many more great adventures.

For the women: Physical attraction is where we start...please be the type of person that takes good care of yourself and is ht/wt prop. You should be very open minded, as you will find that I am. Be a little gregarious, have the ability to playfully banter (sexually or otherwise) and be an overall good communicator (I have realized that open & very honest communication with regard to activities w/in the lifestyle...umm...very important). "Long, slow, wet kisses that last for three days..." - this is important as well.

Although engaging in a committed or long term relationship may or may not be what you desire, Ultimately, I would like a partner in crime that is open minded to the idea of exploring further the idea of more than just "Fun friends" (and it would be great if this woman was already a part of the lifestyle).

For couples: I'm game for being a part of the group...but, I'm about quality...not quantity...so, we'll need to take some time getting acquainted. It's kind of important that we all feel comfortable here. Remember...not looking for notches...

For everyone...a couple of basic "must haves": If you are the type of person (people) that tend to flake on commitments (whether its something as simple as getting together for drinks or more elaborate, like making plans for an "evening"), someone that smokes without consideration for others, doesnt attempt to live an overall healthy lifestyle that keeps you height/weight proportionate or finds themselves needing to get high or falling over drunk to have fun...we wont get along. Additionally...please be a person that understands "respect", "integrity", "communication" & "passion" are not just words...but actions we must take & live by.

Care to spend time captivating one another? Then send me an email....let's get this party started!