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                 Lifestyle Lounge members are sexy,
classy and open minded...

...Are you???
Playful, attractive, very fit couple  
Member Since:   3/7/2004
State:   KS
Zipcode:   66030
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   I'm Straight I'm Straight
Age:   60 65
Height:   5' 4" 6'
Weight:   116 lbs - 125 lbs 176 lbs - 200 lbs
Eye Color:   Brown Green
Hair Color:   Blonde Blonde

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The Lifestyle Lounge
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social community
  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  Physically fit couple. We stumbled onto the "lifestyle" eight years ago and have taken to it like ducks to water! Don't judge us by our years, we both are very energetic in or out of the bedroom. Wife is always one of the most beautiful, sexy women in the room regardless of the age of the crowd. We are outgoing and friendly, enjoying social interaction with a wide variety of people. We are very selective about who we play with, quality over quanity. We are a very secure long term couple ( 30 yrs), so if the chemistry is there we are good to go without a lot of rules or reservations. While we won't turn down a hot quickie, we prefer extended play sessions. Wife is female friendly. He is handsome with a head full of golden blond hair, great for running your fingers through or hanging on to. He loves women, takes control based on a woman's response, always with the goal of bringing her to a mind blowing orgasm. She has a beautiful innocent face and a perfect little round ass. We both have great smiles and aren't afraid to use them. Love to flirt, dance and have fun. We love the outdoors (sunshine, water, the mountains, the desert, etc.) hot tubs, good food, fun friends and SEX! Just returned from the Cieba Del Mar Halloween Takeover What a wonderful way to spend a vacation!
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  We are looking for other fun loving couples who are secure in their own relationships. We are looking for diversion not drama. We're not pushy and expect you not to be. Cleanliness, personal hygiene are a must or her nose will say "No". We are nonsmokers. Must see pictures of the men (and not just your lower half) as well as the women. She is female friendly and open minded but we are primarily heterosexual.
Attractive fun-loving couple. Very fit, we look and act much younger than our years. Secure relationship. No drama. Good sense of humor. Believe in living life to the fullest.

We don't have a lot of rules, chemistry and situation driven.

We find some aspects of BDSM play interesting and exciting. Bondage, spanking, domination and submission. We are neither sadistic or masochistic. All our play is Safe Sane and Consensual. We consider this a bonus in playmates, but never a necessity.