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A true officer and gentleman and friend 
Member Since:   10/27/2005
City:   DENVER
State:   CO
Zipcode:   80236
Gender/Status:   Male
Preference:   I'm Straight
Age:   48
Height:   5' 5"
Weight:   151 lbs - 175 lbs
Eye Color:   Blue
Hair Color:   Blonde

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  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  I am a medium-build, very healthy and fit guy who is extremely outgoing and friendly. I have a very pleasant personality, and am told I am very much like Michael J. Fox. While I am not tall, I am very clean, personable, and relaxed. I am a professional by trade, have military experience to include Iraq (hence being fit) and love to enjoy being around like-minded people. I enjoy riding my motorcycles, working on my cars, skiing (I frequent Colorado) and most other outdoor activities. I love movies, books (a voracious reader) and can converse on almost any topic. I am open-minded and do not mind discussions on any topic.
I am experienced in the lifestyle, having been a member of lifestyle clubs in the Chicago and North-Western Illinois areas. I have muscular legs, very pleasant smile, intense eyes, and short, soft hair. I am smooth skinned and have no blemishes. No facial hair. Not bald or balding.
I have travelled all over the world (30 countries) and US (48 states) and am very worldly. Lets have some fun! I have a terrific sense of humor.
I am of medium length, thick, and well-defined and strong.
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  I am seeking like-minded couples and single females or groups who would like someone who is fun to be around and very trustworthy. I seek those who are comfortable with themselves and the lifestyle, as well as those who seek to enter it cautiously; I can help them understand some of the complexities! I am non-threatening and fun to have around. I seek all types, preferably those wishing fantasy fullfillment of various kinds. Parties, group, individual or small groups are no problem; travel is available as well! I seek those who wish great pleasure from those they are with. Like-type physical attributes.
If you are playful, love to flirt and be active, and not in a rush for anything, I may be someone you seek.
  These are some web sites I enjoy: