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classy and open minded...

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Her Tarzan, me Jane.  No wait, now Tarzan confused 
Member Since:   8/26/2001
State:   WA
Zipcode:   98005
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   I'm Bi-Comfortable I'm Straight
Age:   51 53
Height:   5' 7" 5' 11"
Weight:   116 lbs - 125 lbs 176 lbs - 200 lbs
Eye Color:   Blue Hazel
Hair Color:   Brown Distinguished Gray

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  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  Him Tarzan (except for the courage, big muscles and stuff), her Jane. She like Tarzan’s “little monkey”, Tarzan do too. Tarzan think Jane HOT, look good in animal hide dress. Jane think Tarzan hot, but she also think George of Jungle hot, Jane definitely not right in head. Argh.

Tarzan look most like ape BoBo, Jane look most like sexy Lion. Jane is 67 coconuts tall and weighs 118 mangos, short dark hair and goes to jungle gym 5 times per week to carry Tarzan over shoulder. Tarzan 70 coconuts tall weighs 192 mangos, short dark hair (ok, dark some years ago) also goes daily to jungle gym. Tarzan and Jane favorite song, Jungle Love. Profile shows T&J's REAL age and weight, no monkey business THERE.

Boy (Tarzan and Jane’s children) move to own tree with Cheetah. Tarzan and Jane still have jungle sounds from tree house.

T & J not post many pictures on public site because other jungle animals not understand. How jungle animals get computers?

Jane and Tarzan best friends.
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  We like swing from trees with other couples in same tree house. We sometimes go to other side of jungle and would like company on vine. Tarzan love women, Jane think women nice too but mostly likes to swing on vine. Tarzan not like Georges of Jungle AT ALL, "not that there is anything wrong with that".

Tarzan and Jane searching jungle for stable fun swingers and not looking for single male apes. Tarzan especially like couples that are very high drama and maintenance. Tarzan and Jane hope find couple 30 to 60 summers old, should be able to laugh with (and at) T & J. Rubenesque is OK, but not make Tarzan fear for life.

(the drama thing was a joke, come on folks)
  These are some web sites I enjoy: