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                 Lifestyle Lounge members are sexy,
classy and open minded...

...Are you???
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We have landed in New England for a few years! 
Member Since:   8/19/2003
State:   RI
Zipcode:   02886
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   Female is Bisexual I'm Straight
Age:   31 44
Height:   5' 11" 6'
Weight:   136 lbs - 150 lbs 151 lbs - 175 lbs
Eye Color:   Blue Hazel
Hair Color:   Blonde Brown

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  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  The Mrs is a lil pregnant!!!!!! Add that to the list of changes. But, it's all good!!!

We are a real 28y/o 5’11 long blonde hair beautiful woman and a real 41y/o 6’0 athletic gentleman. We are not super models and don’t act as such but athleticism is important in our lives. We work hard and make the most of our days off all day long. The passion never stops as our passion for life is endless. If you manage to catch us in the bedroom you will find out exactly how far that passion goes...(insert dirty thought here).
Although we enjoy being friends with people, when the chemistry is right we prefer full swap but we always respect other people's boundaries. Our boundaries are fairly straightforward: We ALWAYS (I wish I could captalize that larger so everyone would understand) ALWAYS play together. We don't go on vacation and leave the other behind to play or anything like that, we understand other couples are different, so I restate...WE ALWAYS PLAY TOGETHER! Condoms are a MUST. Respect is a MUST. Chemistry is REQUIRED! (and if you are nerdy enough to wonder if we mean biochem or organic then you'll fit right in too!)
Other than that, we are both shy, which for some reason can come off as snobby, but seriously it is just shyness. We are not above talking to or making friends with anyone and enjoy meeting and spending time with all different kinds of people. So come up and say hi, we'll do our best to put ourselves out there too!
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  We are not nearly all about the sex. Friends that like to go out and do stuff with us. Movies, dinner, dancing, hot tubs, etc etc etc. We enjoy all aspects about the lifestyle and really enjoy people that respect honesty and sincerity...people that like having fun and don't throw drama garbage into it.
N is very bi who loves to give as much as she receives. Safety is of the utmost concern and will only play with those that respect that.
We are looking for couples and the occasional single woman to have fun with. Go out to dinner, movies, clubs, disc golf courses, ridiculously long hot bike rides with hotter finishes...
We are not hung up on age and believe that inner maturity is judged otherwise. Appearance wise we are open but believe that there must be an initial spark that lights the fire. People that are not hung up on their appearance not hung on themselves, OPEN/honest/sincere, and look at life as a gift will get our attention.