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                 Lifestyle Lounge members are sexy,
classy and open minded...

...Are you???
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Looking for Erotic Adventures? Inquire Within..... 
Member Since:   9/22/2002
City:   BOSTON
State:   MA
Zipcode:   02108
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   Female is Bisexual I'm Straight
Age:   46 60
Height:   5' 9" 6' 2"
Weight:   136 lbs - 150 lbs 201 lbs - 250 lbs
Eye Color:   Brown Blue
Hair Color:   Brown Brown

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This website contains
adult material.

The Lifestyle Lounge
is an adults only
social community
  Describe your appearance and personality: 
Looking for BIG, MUSCULAR(body builder type) MALE model for erotic photo shoot with Mrs. CHORSE. If interested, shoot us an email for more details

If you enjoy our photography, check out Tim's Photography Web Site at: www.eros-studios.com

If you've ever wondered how it's pronounced, it's C-HORSE ("seahorse"), as in "Crazy Horse" (no, not the strip club - the Native American!!!) He's a natural born Rebel...

Her: Fit, Curvaceous (don't 'cha just love curves on a woman?), Dark, Exotic, long dark hair...sexually a smouldering volcano...take her dancing - you'll see! Her Other Interests: Animals, Belly Dancing, Music, Literature (loves good erotica), fitness.

Him(Tim): 45 yrs old, Dark Irish in looks and soul, Fit, fun, creative, great sense of humor, beautiful legs, imaginative mind. His Other Interests: Erotic/Fine Art/Glamour Photography, Music, Literature(what she said!), fitness, Animals/Nature, watching her belly dance (-;
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  1) IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are not willing to share good quality photographs of BOTH OF YOU that can provide for us a CLEAR sense of both your faces and bodies, we won't be responding. If the issue is anonymity - which we can certainly understand - let us know and we'll provide an email address where you can send the pics.

2) We are an educated, thoughtful couple; very much in love and committed to one another and though we greatly enjoy engaging in the kind of LifeStyle activities outlined below, we feel very strongly about finding couples like-minded in their LS desires and tastes. In our minds, this can lead to wonderful experiences rather than awkward situations due to un-matched wants and needs.

3) Here's a description of the sort of couples we like to meet - Couple's or single females who are interested in "soft swing" activities only.

What do we consider soft swing?
* ANYTHING GOES WITH BI-WOMEN FUN. Assuming that the two women hit it off and establish good chemistry...

* WE ARE NOT A FULL SWAP COUPLE. If this is a crucial element of the Lifestyle for you, please don't contact us. If you are a full swap couple, but can take a walk on the softer side for one night - with no pressure to engage in any swapping - that's great and we would love to hear from you!

* We have interest in being with couples who have great erotic imaginations and are into such activities as voyeurism/exhibitionism, same room sex, erotic massage, erotic photo shoots, watching "quality" adult films (most porn is terrible - in fact, we rarely watch anything but Andrew Blake films), hitting strip clubs together, going out together for good conversation, food, and drink and engaging in some good old fashion outrageous public flirtation, and other imaginatively erotic, fun and games.

* Are you fit and attractive - really? We try very hard to stay in shape, are well groomed, and most people would consider us at least above average in terms of appearance. We feel that sexual attraction and chemistry starts, for us, with physical attraction and look for the above in other couples.
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