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Down 2 Earth Gal....Lookin 4 new friends & fun 
Member Since:   7/4/2002
State:   NE
Zipcode:   68157
Gender/Status:   Female
Preference:   I'm Straight
Age:   46
Height:   5' 8"
Weight:   136 lbs - 150 lbs
Eye Color:   Green
Hair Color:   Blonde

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  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  Gosh! Describe myself - Wow! That could take awhile. How much time do you have?

I am a Down 2 Earth, California Native who is expanding her horizons. Not such a bad thing now is it but I sure do miss the beach, snow skiing and most of all my family. Just not much to do in the cornfields. LOL! Sure is hard having over 1700 miles between yourself and family but I have 3 beautiful girls here with me and they definitely keep me on my toes. I guess teenagers and toddlers can do that to you, but I love them with all my heart they are my LIFE and its a GOOD "1".

I'm Irish, German and Indian, 5'8" give or take a bit, with strawberry blonde hair which these days are rare I hear. I love the outdoors whether it be snow skiing, water skiing, camping, or just being outside with my kids. When I am not with my kids I love to go out to dining (in/out), dancing, playing pool, indoor/outdoor sports, concerts, music, and of course partying with close friends or some new ones. I am also very quiet at first till I get to know someone and I do not tend to tell all about myself right away, although I
am not a closed book. I do have to click in the beginning because I am one that knows right away if we are compatible from my perspective.

Growing up I was always a tomboy and I still am a little bit, but I love to dress sexy when its needed, but I don't spend hours in the bathroom getting ready that is just not me. I don't think you need a lot of makeup to look good, but I am no plain Jane either. I have been told I have a beautiful smile, but I would beg to differ (maybe I am just too modest!).

I am very adventurous and I believe in trying something at least once before I knock it unless of course it is just something that is just too far fetched and not within reason. I am not perfect, but then who is. I take
to heart what is on the inside of a person before I look on the outside. I am looking to make friends out of this and not just lovers. I feel that we do the best with what we are dealt and anyone can do what they want or achieve their dreams if they set their minds to it. I have high goals and I may not reach them all in the next few years or maybe not even in this life time but I am not one to give up easily. Once I start something I tend to finish it to the fullest. I am not into Drama or head games - I have had way too much
of that. I had to grow up real fast, but no complaints here. Now that I am in a different part of my life and I feel I need to explore a few more things on my mind. Next to my health & kids, Love Sex and friends are the most important things in my life. I feel you don't need many friends, but just a few really good ones.

I am very happy with myself, my life and my kids. I have run my own daycare business out of my home for the past 6 yrs but am thinking about venturing back into the work force to interact with people above my waist. (LOL!) Have to figure that one out! I absolutely love kids and its the best job I have ever had!!!! Kudos to them...it's hard being a kid in this day and age; much tougher than when I was a child/teenager.

A typical day for me would be spending the day with my kids, helping them with homework, stories, or whatever else they needed of me without pulling me this way and that way. God did only give me 2 hands and I am no Octopus but sometimes I wish I could clone myself. One to clean, another to do laundry and cook, and another to run errands so I could spend all the I could with my kids. Wouldn't that be a dream to fulfill????? It is never quiet at our house unless the girls are with the sandman. Then of course mom has to have time to play or be herself so I read, chat with friends, catch up things around the house or whatever else I have on my to-do-list. I am not much of a TV watcher unless something catches my eye like ER (I sure do miss George Clooney - C'mon George come back plz...!). I love food, Pizza, Mexican and Chinese are my favs. I love Ice cream and hopefully soon I can carry out my fantasy with that one. Sundaes???? I am no drunk, but I like to drink socially as much as the next person. Just saw Meatloaf and Restless Heart and they were awesome. Reminded me that you are as young as you feel and thanks to my genes I look allot younger then I am. I guess when I am 40 I will learn to love that. I believe "honesty" is the best policy - put it all on the table right away don't sweep it under the rug, that just causes head games or many other problems to escalate. I personally do not need that so plz move on if you are like that.

I have had many tough experiences in my life and it has taught me to live life to the fullest and never take even one single minute for granted. Love & Life are things not to be taken for granted in any means and I am living proof of that. About 3 years ago my daughter was the best miracle I could have asked for. I was not planning on getting pregnant at the time, but she was definitely a good accident because if I would have not delivered her when I did and had the problems I did I would not be here today, but in Heaven with My Dad. She saved my life and I would save hers and my other 2 in a heartbeat! They are my 3 miracles....

I also believe in mending those differences with family because you never know when you will not have the chance, something I know from experience. I have never got to say the things I needed to, to the most wonderful man I will ever know - my Daddy. He once told me, "That you can do or be anything you sent your mind, heart and soul to and live life to the fullest and be the best mom you can be". Best advice he ever gave me. I guess when your parents till you that you are an awesome parent and that while you may not have taken all their advice, at least you were listening, I guess you can not be all that bad. And you definitely know you are doing something right in their eyes!

Well I know I have written a book, but if you took the time to read all this then I have obviously kept your attention and that was my goal. Thanks for reading thru and maybe we will chat soon! Live, Love and enjoy everything you can! Kiss! Kiss! :)
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  Well, I think I may have send it all above, but I will just say something real brief after writing that book. I am not picky, but I do believe in that first connection. I am looking for a couple with a straight female, single males are welcome to apply as well - they are always a pleasure too! I love 6ft2 eyes of blue, but I also enjoy the Italian Stallion type. Of course I am not looking for just 6ft2, but it kind of made a lil rhythm there. LOL! I am fairly new to all this, but open to new things. Just looking for some good clean fun, with people who are not uptight, stressed and like a closed book. Above pretty much says a lot about myself! I love and enjoy sex with the right people/person and there is not too much that I do not like. I am looking to explore some of my fantasies with the right people and build some great friendships as well. If I am what you are looking for drop me a line. :) ~~~~Oh one more thing D&D free Plz..!!!!!~~~