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We prefer to play solo & rarely play together 
Member Since:   11/3/2008
City:   SPARKS
State:   NV
Zipcode:   89431
Gender/Status:   Couple
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Preference:   I'm Straight I'm Straight
Age:   38 39
Height:   5' 2" 5' 9"
Weight:   116 lbs - 125 lbs 151 lbs - 175 lbs
Eye Color:   Brown Brown
Hair Color:   Brown Brown

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Update: We both have a regular FWB, so we aren't actively seeking new playmates -- this is especially true of Eve who has been inundated with email from single men.

At this point we are leaving threesomes and foursomes behind and really only playing one-on-one. We are happy to meet couples socially but only play solo now. After several years in the lifestyle, we've learned that we prefer to play separately so we can experience a closer connection with our partners.

Note: Yes, this means Eve does single guys. However, she prefers men with a roughly average endowment She doesn't do big; it hurts her. Also, you don't stand much of a chance if your profile doesn't have a face picture or you don't include one in your email.
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  We both prefer intimate encounters to porn-inspired hardcore banging. The major reason we've left swinging is the lack of intimacy with playmates. If you're uncomfortable with intimacy or feel it's something that's only appropriate with your spouse, please pass us up.

LISTEN UP GUYS: We understand that this is about casual sex, but too many of you are treating girls like they're just free escorts. Getting up and dressed (or just mentally checking out) the minute you're done is just brutish behavior. Maybe it's OK in swinging where a woman can cuddle with her husband, but it leaves many single girls feeling used -- and it's common enough that Eve is actually less willing to play with new guys because of it.

We're looking for other drama-free, secure individuals who also appreciate the advantages of having a partner's undivided attention. If you're a couple who's interested in both of us, we may be open to meeting if you're experienced and comfortable with separate room play -- but we truly prefer having separate dates.

A couple of notes: All of our pictures include our faces and our main photo is always very recent. Please make sure you include a good photo (of both of you if you're a couple interested in both of us) when contacting us if your profile doesn't already have one; otherwise our response rate tends to be fairly low.

Thanks for checking us out. Please contact us if you're interested in learning more about us.