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                 Lifestyle Lounge members are sexy,
classy and open minded...

...Are you???
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Mrs Fantasie likes a hot massage 
Member Since:   3/29/2002
City:   SANTA FE
State:   NM
Zipcode:   87507
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   I'm Bi-Comfortable I'm Straight
Age:   47 54
Height:   5' 8" 5' 10"
Weight:   126 lbs - 135 lbs 176 lbs - 200 lbs
Eye Color:   Blue Brown
Hair Color:   Blonde Brown

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This website contains
adult material.

The Lifestyle Lounge
is an adults only
social community
  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  We are bold and adventurous people who live life on our own terms. Like most, we are attracted initially to physical appearance. However, it is a level of honesty, passion, and self confidence that keeps our attention. These attributes influence the way we see people regardless of how hot, hip, average, cool, wealthy, or sexy they may appear to others (or themselves).

We maintain our physical health and appearance and we like others who do as well. We find ourselves attracted to people who range from reasonably fit to highly athletic.

We enjoy many different types of people but we get along best with those who engage easily in conversation. One-time encounters need only basic compatibility and sexual attraction, but lasting friendships are built on greater substance. We enjoy both.

Our daily life is filled with professional commitment as well as time with each other and established friends. Our play time is fairly limited so our attention is given to those who show a genuine interest in meeting. Drop us a line if you would like to get acquainted.
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  We like HWP, and she prefers men at least as tall and preferably taller than her. Good grooming and intelligent conversation are pretty important to us, and you can be sure that we offer both.

With the right people we are free to enjoy good sex without a long list of rules. As long as there is mutual respect and consideration we are good to go. He is as straight as they come and she has enjoyed plenty of bi experiences. With the right woman, bi-play is great foreplay, and he likes to watch for a while, but we both prefer full swap.

Sex in same or different rooms? Either is exciting and fun as long as it all happens naturally and easily. We always respect the boundaries of others.

Our favorite couples are those with similar tastes and values who enjoy friendship with great benefits. We have made some good friendships in this lifestyle. Many of our best times have been with these friends. If you like the idea of sharing friendship as well as sexy times, drop us a line. We are not the best planners and so sometimes have the ability to make spontaneous, causal meetings. If we commit to a meeting, you can be sure we'll be there.

Single guys, yo have got a tough act to live up to. She expects you to be very attractive, tall and well built, secure but NOT pretentious, and experienced in lifestyle etiquette. (Guys-If you drop us a note you had better have more than just a dick photo!).

Single women- we are always happy to hear from you (of course, isn't everyone?) He is a great lover and she loves to watch him making a new playmate feel fabulous.

Our handle is fantasie! We've lived many of ours and find that the best fantasies are just as good or even better in real life. Tell us yours- maybe we can take an active role!