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                 Lifestyle Lounge members are sexy,
classy and open minded...

...Are you???
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Complete with fun and laughs... 
Member Since:   2/26/2004
State:   WA
Zipcode:   98101
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   Female is Bisexual I'm Straight
Age:   38 42
Height:   5' 4" 5' 10"
Weight:   101 lbs - 115 lbs 151 lbs - 175 lbs
Eye Color:   Blue Brown
Hair Color:   Blonde Brown

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This website contains
adult material.

The Lifestyle Lounge
is an adults only
social community
  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  We are an attractive (well at least we've been told that), drama-free, married couple who like to dabble and socialize in the lifestyle, but only play with completely DISCREET, clean, non-smoking and extremely attractive and fit couples and single women.
We've been told constantly by virtually everyone that we look like we're still in our 20s. And we get carded everywhere we go, which is kinda neat to be honest with ya!
(Look young, act old? That about sums it up!)
We own homes on the East and West Coasts. We're always someplace new and different, it seems.
It's impossible to fuck EVERYONE, and we're not gonna try!
And lately, we've been concentrating on dates with single women. We just seem to have more fun in 3 than 4. (Of course, if you're drama-free and come in a 4, that works too!)
Please don't email us with a "meet us at a hotel hello" or send us dick shots. It's just not our thing.
We're classy and cool...We looking for similar friends and we are TRULY selective! Not snobby or uptight, just not trashy...and the "making friends" part is big for us...We're not the type to sleep with people we don't like...and we'd love to meet some cool people who we can travel and laugh with...
We've had the privilege of having several "girlfriends" we travel with over the years and it's always a blast to travel in 3.
We love the scene at Hedonism, like to be naked, like fun with toys (ramp, wedge, etc), but mostly like to be around fun, educated, sexy people of any age. Smiles, dinner, light drinks, lots of conversation, great music, laughs and orgasms but not necessarily in that order. We also travel a lot and love concerts and ballgames, so it's fun to have fun friends on the road to hang out with.
We listen to everything from Sinatra to Nirvana to Buffett to Van Halen to Marley and U2...lately there's been a lot of Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Lenny Kravitz and Springsteen, but as you can tell it changes a lot!
She has the hots for Sting! He'd love to do Sheryl Crow...or at least watch HER do Sheryl Crow!!!
We also listen to Nickelback, Green Day, Third Eye Blind and other more modern stuff...
She even likes Kenny Chesney and the Dixie Chicks, but don't hold that against her! LOL...
Music is a very big part of our life...

We also eat at home a lot and are amateur health-food gourmets (although we like pizza, french fries and ice cream like everyone else, but like swinging it's all about balance, right?)

We make a mean margarita, do a lot of yoga and, YES, we like sex with beautiful women! Who doesn't, right?

BTW: He's in search of a woman who has perfected some tantra techniques as well...and she's dying to watch the action unfold and then pile on!

Anywhere on the East Coast is great too, because we're usually jet-setting on weekends looking for a cool concert or a sporting event as you can see from our photos...

"We're not here for a long time...we're here for a GOOD time!"
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  Sorry, but THIS IS PAINFULLY LONG ON PURPOSE...Our experience says that the more you know about us and the more we know about you allows everyone to save time, energy, etc...

So, here's most of the "appetizer talk" ... it'll save you a lot of time and trouble for later...
(And we apologize in advance to anyone who is offended and/or "put off" by our "over" communication. We just prefer to have people know upfront what our "deal" is and what makes us happy. Who wants to waste all the time, energy, money, etc. if it's not going to be a match or a friendship. It'll take you 5 minutes to read it, and might save you and us hours in the long run.)

This is who we are:

You MUST be discreet...PERIOD!!!!!!!!!
We don't have testimonials on our account and we don't give them...although we have met some exceptional people on this site!!!
If you play with us, only you and we will know...and we think that in itself is a pretty sexy thing...and we're very trustworthy and expect the same consideration...
Chances are you will never see us in a swing club (we're on the down low), but you might find us at Hedo or at a LL event on the periphery (NOT at the main hotel, but VERY close by...)

We have played with fit couples and cool, beautiful single women exclusively.
In all honesty, we have found that 3 as in FMF has been a much luckier and more pleasurable number for us than 4 lately, but that's just been the track record...it's up to you to change that or add simply to the party! Sometimes 4 has caused unnecessary drama and we hate that! (And quite frankly she's learned that she LOVES, LOVES to watch him with hot women while she works the magic bullet! It's quite the show, we've been told!)
We only play together, but don't mandate a full swap to have fun in either direction...We've found that in nearly every foursome there's one from each side who is leading the sexual charge and energy...Whatever works in that situation is just fine by us! We both like to play and we both like to watch...
We're certainly not in any way anti-couple (we've had some AWESOME full swap experiences)...BUT, we're just VERY pro-threesome!
We have been told we're a better date for most single women than any man can be, and we work hard to make sure our third person feels comfortable, wanted and respected...which is more than they usually get from a single guy on a "vanilla" date!
We BOTH just LOVE women and we know how to treat a lady in and out of bed!
Our idea of a perfect evening: a drink, a great dinner, great conversation and then a long slow roll in bed with a beautiful woman (music, candles, massage included) followed by some pillow talk and friendship, discussing sex and boys and girls and ways to give and receive pleasure...We're pretty well-versed in giving pleasure (we have a nice toy chest) AND we take it and all that goes with it VERY seriously!
Some have referred to us as "sex-perts" in the art of pleasure...but cum see for yourself!
She LOVES to watch...he LOVES to perform...and then she LOVES to join in!

You need to be shitfaced or using HARD drugs to play...we HATE drunks!
You smoke cigarettes...just can't take the smell, bad breath, ugggh...
You're more into the way you look than the way you are...we LOVE SMART PEOPLE!
You are not friendly to everyone you meet for the first time...being nice is a turn on for us!
You are constantly demeaning and putting down other people based on their appearance...we're not into gossip, negativity and drama...we have lots of fat/ugly/older/semi-normal friends...not everyone can be a part of the beautiful party...all of our friends are beautiful on the inside and that's what counts the most to us...
We can't be totally normal and dorky around you...

You're a part-time dork like us...or maybe even a FULL-TIME dork...
You love to laugh and chat...
You like to watch too!
You like hot showers...
You like candles, sexy lighting and great music...
You truly like meeting new, interesting, classy and intelligent people...
You like Hedonism and all that it entails...
You are a private person...

Anyone NON-SMOKING who is educated, clean and into great music, sports, travel, fine dining and laughs are fair game.

(**** Can't believe we have to write this again, but IF YOU SMOKE or SMOKE OCCASIONALLY or SMOKE SOCIALLY or plain lie about SMOKING, PLEASE DON'T WRITE US!!!!!!!!!! You're wasting everyone's time!!!!!!!!!!!!)

We are NOT hardcore "notch our bedpost" swingers and really aren't into participating in that scene...we have learned that we really aren't "orgy people"...but we are very entertained by it when we see it and certainly aren't offended by it! So go ahead...invite us to your party, but we'll probably wind up in a much-smaller play area...

We also AREN'T into ultra-late night clubbing, drunks, drug addicts (coke, X, steroid freaks, hard out-of-control stuff, etc.), smoky bars, etc...but we aren't couch potatoes or goody-goodies by any stretch...some dinner, drinks, conversation, etc...you get the picture!
We own "club wear" but we RARELY go to a "club" on a weekend night...
We prefer bedside service to "table service" and it's a helluva lot more economical and pleasurable!
Geez, we hang in Jamaica a few times a year and LOVE Bob Marley and are very kind, so we're hardly prudes!!!!!! We're 420 friendly...
But, WE PLAY mostly SOBER...or damn near it...and usually before midnight!
We're really about making new friends and having great conversations and experiences...
But if you're a single girl or couple who routinely likes to watch the sun come up in the clothes you were in last night after raving and raging until 4 a.m. and you smell like a liquor cabinet gone awry, we're probably not the couple for you...
By midnight, we've usually picked the sex over the nightclub EVERYTIME!!!!! (But, we do like to dance!)
And for the life of us, we can't figure out why people want to fuck at 4 a.m. all tired and gross instead of leaving the club earlier and having a little more energy and sobriety and putting in a quality effort for maximum pleasure????
We're here to fuck, not drink!

PLEASE don't send us sex-only shots and don't expect us to respond if the only photos you have posted are from the waist down, have blurred faces or if they are blurry in general, taken in 1999, etc.
We take the time we dedicate to swinging relatively seriously (c'mon, our time is valuable as is yours!) and are willing to invest the time/energy/passion to make friends and have AWESOME experiences instead of just a random fuck...
And if we go to bed with you, we probably want to do it again...We weren't one-night stand people when we were single and really aren't as lifestylers...We like to keep and collect cool people!
And if you want to know how long it takes to get us into bed? Anywhere from 5 minutes to never...we make it up case-by-case as we go along...but when we're interested there's NO hesitation we assure you! Then it becomes more about "when" than "if" and how and steamed up you can get before we fuck you! We LOVE foreplay and flirting...
Our pictures are there for the asking and we REALLY look like our photos. If you expect us to respond to you, we want an excellent idea of what you look like.
C'mon, if you want to play with us and expect our time and attention, how hard is it to snap a few candid, clear smiling photos?
Chances are, you'll write to us based on what we look like...so expect us to feel the same way for us to write back!

We are respectful, real and expect the same consideration.

We expect complete HONESTY and TOTAL 100 PERCENT DISCRETION above everything else and don't like to have our time (or yours) wasted.
Be real, we'll be real too and if you're anything like us, we'll have a blast in and out of lifestyle situations...
Because we're really a helluva lot of fun!!!

And if you made it this far, when you DO email us, please feel free to put something totally and completely shitty in the subject line about how long-winded we are...

But if you made it this far and think we're your cup of tea, throw us a line...
We like to IM with folks a bit before "connecting" just to make sure there's mutual interest. (There's nothing worse than going through with a date that isn't worth anyone's time or effort.)
If there is mutual interest, chances are we'll be coming your way soon and can arrange a drink or a hello...