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                 Lifestyle Lounge members are sexy,
classy and open minded...

...Are you???
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Masked couple, ready to break out for nirvana. 
Member Since:   11/10/2008
State:   NC
Zipcode:   28210
Gender/Status:   Couple
    Her Statistics         His Statistics    
Preference:   I'm Bi-Comfortable I'm Straight
Age:   48 45
Height:   5' 5" 5' 10"
Weight:   116 lbs - 125 lbs 151 lbs - 175 lbs
Eye Color:   Hazel Blue
Hair Color:   Blonde Brown

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  Describe your appearance and personality: 
  We are a professional couple who have been in love for almost twenty years. We are originally from the West but career paths have taken us east. Weve done better in life than we ever could have imagined. We are very lucky.

Now about us:

From Him about Her:
She is indescribably beautiful. When she wakes up in the morning she looks like Pam Anderson after a bad night. When she gets ready for work, she looks like the middle school teacher who should be stripping at night.

About Me (Her)
I like that I am smart and beautiful it throws men off balance. I enjoy out door activities and watching sports with my husband. I am a very outgoing person at work but very much enjoy quiet time alone. I am athletic built (workout daily), 322535, 120lbs. I enjoy live music, i.e. Greenday!! I would not call myself wild but you catch me on the right night and youd better watch out.

From Her about Him:
20 years ago I fell in love with his James Dean smile and eyes. I still have to beat off the girls with each smile and glance he gives. He may be quiet but he doesnt give away how cool he really is. I am very lucky to have a man that is so worldly, I love that he reads everything and also plays heavy metal and flys jets. Oh Daddy, SEX is GREAT!!

About Me(Him):
By nature Im shy and carry too much humility. That does not mean I am not cocky. I do need to get to know people before I show all of me. But once you know me well be friends forever.
  Describe what you are looking for: 
  We just returned from Desire Cabo and we met many Lifesyle Loungers.

We have been to Desire twice and Hedo once. We have encountered many groups but Lifestyle Lounge is the only group we have been interested in joining. Your members made us feel welcomed, they were beautiful, intelligent and very sexy. But what was very impressive was they were very private after their initial meeting (at the pool) we did not see them again. We want to know where they went and what they where doing????? lol